27 | Hype.


Set off for Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) at grumpy o’clock this morning for The Young Co.’s weekly meeting. If I started off excited about the class, it’s now blossomed into slight emotional attachment – and we’re only on our fifth week. It’s just nothing short of amazing to have  a class of fellow playwrights to workshop plays with. These are really, really talented people with impressive works and portfolios and I’m very grateful to be a part of this circle! Been absorbing knowledge over the past few weeks and writing. The only issue is that I tend to write snippets nowadays and not full-length anythings. I got stuck with the set design on one, the storyline on another. Got me very frustrated, but at least I managed to churn new words out! 12233_10200314943583833_1178904558_n

Rushed home after some errands and got ready for a night out with my folks. Took Mom & Dad to the Grand Cathay to watch a special screening of Ah Boys To Men marathon. Turns out the cast was sitting exactly 2 rows above me! All three of us entirely enjoyed the movie – maybe it’s because some form of army heritage was a common denominator, and perhaps also because I inherently inherited a passion for the nation & armed forces in my childhood years. The jokes were just as funny, touching scenes just as moving. The response to ABTM was probably unexpected, but come to think of it, the entire shared experience really can bond men across generations, races, religions, and probably most other distinctions as well. Also helped that the script was peppered with jokes that were actually funny. One thing I don’t understand though, is the star appeal of the cast. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall having the same frenzy over I Not Stupid or Money No Enough. Having said that, it was a wise decision – and has certainly proved so – for Jack Neo to cast young up-and-coming Youtubers, actors and recognizable youth in this movie. I mean, just look at Tosh & Noah. They easily have the biggest fanclubs among the cast and it’s probably partially due to their Youtube productions as well. As for me, I’ll keep straddling the borders of the Tosh/Weiliang fanclubs!




It’s not been an easy or particularly fruitful week, but as always, you gain some and lose some. 🙂 Here’s to a super-productive week! Cheers.


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