88 | Mindless

It’s been madness on my corner these few weeks! All that’s going on is spinning my head on its point and it’s definitely tiring. Now mornings begin earlier, sometimes even before 9AM, and nights end later, mostly about 2-3AM. Goodness me, I’m not going to live very long, am I?



02’s class photoshoot a few weeks ago made me all the more thankful for a class that has no gaps between each other. I think it’s a blessing that I ran into this ragtag bunch who make coming to school every day something to look forward to. 🙂


Oh, and how can I forget Yeewai? I remember the shock in our voices when we both learnt that we’re going to the same course. 🙂 I hope you don’t regret your choice, and remember that we are each others’ shelters! 


Finally had what was most probably one of the last meetups with my homegirl before sending her into the fray. Go and come back victorious from A’s! It’s all good that you’re going to do well but what’s more important is the growth that I’ve seen in you over these 2 years. Go get it, girl!

 Life has been treating me well with all the love I’ve been getting from my friends amongst so much negativity and activity. Or should I say, I have been making life treat me well? Positivity is everything, and things can only be as bad as you make them out to be. 🙂


87 | French Villages

Over the holidays, Mum, Cowfu and I headed to the nearby Berjaya Hills resort for a 3D2N staycation. Sort of staycation, since it’s so near to home! Drove over from Kuantan and I slept all the way up the horrifying, spiralling hill. It’s as though I have a magical alarm clock that wakes me at all the right moments, because I was awake just five minutes before the distinctive silhouette of Colmar Tropicale began to loom over me. 


Colmar Tropicale is a French-themed villa/resort in Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Hills. It’s beautiful. The weather up there is cooling, which explains the beanie. It’s not unlike Cameroon Highlands or Genting. I just have a very poor resistance to cold, especially when there are winds blowing. 

Of course, first on our agenda was exploring the villa.

 IMG_5483 IMG_5491  

These swans were spotted at the front of the resort, and the black ones were separated from the white. I suppose this is because the white ones (contrary to expectations) were more hostile. The black ones were friendly, although they tried to peck me. I suppose it could be a show of affection.

We basically lazed our days around. I fully intended to write while I was there but I couldn’t concentrate. Things weren’t as dandy as they seem though. One of their power sockets scorched my laptop’s charger and the lights in the room, other than a few decorative bulbs, were non-existent. Sheesh. The nights there were sure unpleasant for someone so terrified of darkness, especially in a foreign place.


The lights on the streets at night are pretty beautiful but hard to photograph. I enjoyed dinners both nights there, with the first night at the rotisserie and the second at the fine dining restaurant. Breakfast was decent but not spectacular. We had one lunch at the pizzeria and the lasagna (as with the quarter chicken at the rotisserie) is to DIE for. Food is gorgeous, fine dining’s not worth a try, neither is the coffee. I gorged myself on so much orange juice there!


Staycations (or even short getaways) are hard to come by now that I’m in my second year, swamped with numerous projects and even more um, challenges, shall I say? I’m juggling many things at one go and trying not to drop any of them so let’s hope for the best.