64 | Frenzied Haste

It’s been a crazy week, guys.

Between schoolwork and chapter and theatre work and my languages I barely have time to do anything else at all. I barely know where to put my attention at all! I guess I expected to be busy but just not this level of frantic rushing. Anyway, SB had our first SB Day/Orange Day on Wednesday and there was footage on CNA if you watch the news. Had a great time w/ the 02 lovelies and here is the evidence:

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We ended up playing Cluedo in Hilltop Haven.




A beautiful class photo ♥

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The other highlight of the week would be that I caught Atomic Jaya with Elainn on Friday because a friend gave me free tickets. 🙂 And it was a serious riot! Other than the very skilfully penned script, Claire Wong and Karen Tan are so gifted at acting that I lost myself thoroughly in the show! Also, I am a sucker for multilingual plays so this really got to me. Had us in stitches (and that annoying lady behind us who laughed like a snorting pig)!

Elainn then came to my place for a sleepover and we foolishly decided to watch Glee – the tribute episode to Cory Monteith titled “The Quarterback” – despite her having to go to school early and me having to go for dramatic writing classes later that day. Very bad decision indeed because I began crying 3mins into the first song (they sang 525, 600 Minutes/Seasons of Love oh no I cannot) and by the time Rachel came on with Make You Feel My Love I just wept endlessly. Oh, Cory, how will you ever know the ways you’ve touched our lives?IMG_1940

Zoomed straight to SRT for dramatic writing classes and I say this really honestly, I’m going to miss SRT so much when I’m gone, like having withdrawal symptoms. I have become so accustomed to going for theatre week after week without fail that when this term ends I pretty much don’t know what I’m going to do with my life. 😦 Read through our scripts with Bill and I truly enjoy hearing all of their writing. Can’t wait for the showcase of our pieces in Jan 2014!

Headed to the Esplanade to chill out and reward myself for being punctual for school for an entire week (this is nothing short of a miracle) and saw this amazing art installation called Circle of Hope by Octo Cornelius at the main foyer and it was on deforestation in Indonesia. Go and see it, guys.


“Why do you keep changing homes?”

It semi-depresses me to think that the hustle and bustle of this week was just a prelude to next week’s madness. With Singapore Writer’s Fest, Career Fest and projects to be completed in Week 4.. I will really need some time to recuperate during e-learning week. I’ll be tuning in to lectures in my PJs, by the way.

An OOTD to end things off on a brighter note:

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And of course, not forgetting to show off my swanky, eco-friendly new pencilcase that I got from a stationery shop in Plaza Sing. Do also note the inordinate number of lipsticks in the background. That’s not even counting my favourite Revlon Super Lustrous (Peach Me), Clinique Chubby Sticks (Oversized Orange & Mega Melon) as well as my two DHC ones in my bag, bringing that count to a holy number of FOURTEEN. And these are just the frequently used ones! By golly, I am an addict.



Just gotta grit my teeth and tough it through the week yo.


63 | Back In The Fray

I hadn’t realized how much I missed 02 until I actually got back to SP and met them again.

It’s true, I’d enjoyed the seven week sabbatical, but nothing beats being around these lovely people who are always off-kilter and all a little neurotic. Going through the first semester with them has really cemented my affections for them and now life would be a lot quieter without them, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

And by off-kilter/neurotic, I mean being so trigger-happy that it’s bordering absurd.

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A simple trip to the toilet ended in glee.

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Such a cute photo I feel!

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W/ the guys, all of whom tower over me 😦

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Monkey business in the second hour of accounting because 02 is just like that.


A hug from sweet Qianying! I feel so loved 🙂

Tuesday was a public holiday though, so Rachel and I quickly grabbed Ms Cecilia Tan, the current VP of South View, for a girls’ day out. We’d wanted to visit Super K for Korean BBQ before going for Cake Spade, but both were unfortunately closed, so we stormed other Korean BBQ restaurants before heading to explore Chinatown and Tiong Bahru.

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Red Dot Museum & Peck Seah Street. Love such quaint signs!

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Sweet treats at the highly acclaimed TBB, which, tbh, doesn’t have anything on Flock >(

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With the best friend of 6 coming 7 years! 🙂

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Because I always make good use of sunlight.

Wednesday meant back to school, and so more chaos ensued.

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Homegirl. So thankful and blessed to have this sweet peach around! 

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Our group won the straw tower challenge cuz we touched the skies.

Attended Matchbox Mayhem after school, an arts-based networking event, and I finally saw Rocco! Also met the friendly people from Couch Theatre, Rocco’s friend Rachel and owner of Peatix, Fabian! I don’t think I’ll ever truly get sick of networking and finding new connections in my life. :’)

The next day was back to school though, and somehow, all of us use accounting lessons to camwhore.

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Janice’s default “I Can’t Close My Mouth” face. Also, my “Delighted To Meet You” face.

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I swear I didn’t hear Syahirah say “Eh, sexy face hor!”

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Grin grin grin. 🙂

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Birthday boys & girls. Happy birthday y’all! *blows candles*


All of them making wishes. Ian looks so delightedly pensive!

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W/ Claudia, who’s always dressed impeccably. Love her! 

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Found a nice place to take photos just behind my place!

Skipped my first lesson today because.. honestly, 8AM mornings?! Who does those? Sigh. Nevertheless, had a really enjoyable day –

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How many shots of Janice have you seen in this post alone already? 

Had a catch-up chat with Cynthia at Flock for three whole hours over coffee. Nothing beats good girl-bonding time! 🙂 She tried the Dark Chocolate Cake & Nymph of the Nile tea and gave me serious cravings as well. 😦 Thank goodness though because I had my usual Banoffee with Iced Mocha and that sort of settled the craving. Sort of.

Left to meet Liansheng & Noel for Sheares at the Substation soon after. One thing I love about theatre is how you see the same faces over and over at productions because it’s the same interconnected people you work with. I also really love meeting new people so this was a truly enjoyable evening!


It’s been a great week guys, Sem 2 is off to a good start. I can feel it in my bones.

62 | Triumph In The Skies 2

Please applaud Triumph in the Skies 2, one and all. For the first time in my life, I have finished watching a drama from cover to cover, so to speak. From episode 1-41, I faithfully watched every episode, and I’ll tell you why this drama was such a great success in my book.

First, the plot. The plot had a very interesting premise: the aviation industry. This is a pretty fresh concept, in fact, I’m pretty sure no one has even tried to copy it since the first Triumph in the Skies (unlike the thousand and one cop/detective shows that have been produced) and that is still a point of fascination for us audiences. I’d wager that budget is a huge reason why no one has produced something like that but since TVB can afford it.. you are still my favourite producers! I hope this was an accurate portrayal of the industry, though. Minus points if it isn’t!

Secondly, and possibly most importantly, characterizations. I think the scriptwriter did things right with the characters. All of them come across so strongly that it’s not hard to imagine such a person actually existing. Of course, characters are close to nothing without the aid of fantastic actors, so I will commend both together. Let’s start with my three favourite, coincidentally the three main characters of the show – Francis Ng’s Sam Tong, Julian Cheung’s Jayden Koo and Fala Chen’s Holiday Ho. Let’s start with Julian Cheung. Other than that gorgeous, thin and crisp voice, he really worked his charms in this show. Usually, I dislike the flirtatious, playboy characters in dramas, but this time, he was so charismatic and irresistible that I couldn’t bring myself to hate him at all. His character, Jayden Koo, is entangled in a complicated love triangle with Chen Fala’s Holiday Ho, whom I think is the role most suited to her thus far. The free-spirited and playful individual is really brought to life by Fala (and she is still so spectacularly pretty at 31, my goodness, I thought she was not a moment past her 21st birthday) whom I really hope wins Best Actress this year. Holiday somehow comes off as having a dignified yet youthful air that I’m sure only Fala can pull off. Despite Jayden’s best attempts to win Holiday over (the only woman who can resist him), Holiday is in love with Francis Ng’s Sam Tong, a seasoned pilot whose by-the-book ways end up estranging him from the people he loves and cares about. Francis Ng and Sam-gor are completely inseparable to me. He inhabits the role so well that Francis Ng is Sam Tong. I got a bit sick of his inflexible, rigid ways toward the end, but even then, I could empathize and even love this character. Oh, who am I kidding, I love all three of these characters. Even Jayden, because he became so vulnerable at the end in the face of his love for Holiday. Oh, such skilful screenwriting. Now I’ve gotta catch Triumph in the Skies 1 just to see more of Francis Ng. Gah.

I was told that Triumph in the Skies 1 had an unhappy ending that had everything fall apart. This may have worked well for its sequel, because who doesn’t enjoy seeing the entire cast pair up (except poor Jayden) and get married etc.? TVB didn’t use the cheap “reunion dinner” trick, where they gather everyone and they throw a huge party to end the whole show,  thank goodness. Nevertheless, the moments of each couples’ interactions are very poignantly interwoven and layered so that I feel like I’ve been on a journey with them. I believe this show will be one I come to remember for the characters indeed!

Lastly, on a personal note, I feel like a major part of why this drama worked for me was that it was multi-lingual. It’s no secret that I am a sucker for anything multi-lingual – plays, songs, poems, dramas etc. Although I must say that some actors (looking right at you, Ron & Francis) don’t speak English as well as others (kudos to Fala Chen and Julian Cheung) it’s only understandable and somehow makes the whole series a bit more believable.

It didn’t help that the entire cast is magnificently good looking. The god of aging clearly hasn’t laid a finger on Francis Ng (at the time of writing, he’s 52 but I think he looks 30 and not a day older) and Julian Cheung looks like he’s in his mid-20s! Such injustice. This is one standout show that managed to make it into my Hall of Fame with none of my favourite actors starring in it and more than 40 episodes. What more is there to be said?




Oh, and did I mention Julian Cheung sang a theme song with that gorgeous voice of his? I’m sold.