105 | Big Gambles

Ever since graduation in May, countless people have asked (most more out of courtesy than anything else), “Which university are you enrolling in?” The moment I tell them I’m not going to university, their reaction is usually one of exasperation (as in, “I keep telling you not to buck the trend and you won’t listen!”) or one of perplexity (“Like.. why? Just why?”).

Since securing my full-time job, I’ve gotten a more well-rounded perspective on this dilemma. While I will never be able to vouch 100% for whether university is the way to go or not, it differs based on character, preference and work ethic (I’ll go into details later) and of course, whether it will pay off or not, only time will tell. I’m still waiting to prove myself right. Thought it’d be nice to chronicle my thoughts at this point in time though, so that in a decade when I’m 30, in best case scenario I can thank myself for having foresight, and in worst case scenario I have concrete proof to beat myself up over. Haha!

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