11 | It’s The Holidays!


It’s been quite long since I came back with an update and I still have many many blog posts saved so here I am again!

My days after the exams have been spent in hectic bliss. I’ve been rushing around doing all sorts of crazy things I never had the chance to do since 2011. And also, because I’ve grown up from when I was in Sec 2, I’m doing many many more meaningful things! More on that later.

So.. exams ended on 16 Nov, but as some will know, as of the end of hell week, I was already celebrating! I cleared up my room, threw out every single textbook except Math & Bio (with a lot of vicious energy focused on ripping up my math tests) and hunting for a prom dress. Well, after sixteenth, it went into full blown craze mode! I went to watch God of Carnage with Jiatyan and honestly it rather disappointed me. :/ Wasn’t as funny as it was touted to be and I couldn’t find many lessons to learn from it as well. Maybe cos I’m not in the target audience? Hmm.

God of Carnage at DBS Arts House

I also attended SJL’s BBQ and I must say I enjoyed myself! Happy birthday SJL! 🙂


Mighty Midget and Alpacas 🙂

Then came Grad Day and Prom.

Grad Day was quite monumental for me coz my grandmother was there, and she brought me up. It was really quite good being on stage receiving my final accolade in Nanhua and then bowing to thank the teachers who instilled in me the moral values I needed to have, with ze lovely class of 410! Yup so thank you Nanhua 🙂

Not much to say about Prom except that Weiqi was nominated for Prom Queen! (Y) Love this girl to bits man she’s so sweet!

The rest of the days passed by very very quickly with huge amounts of shopping and money spent because I needed to renovate my room. So after packing my wardrobe and shopping at IKEA twice (and I mean going mad and lugging a cupboard home by bus) I finally have what I need! I even bought paints to paint my own drawers and rhinestones to bling my own stuff. I’ve always wanted a princess room and I’m making it come true. All the pink girly stuff and all. Phew!

Photo: Because i thought my room looked plain #1 #instagood #instafurniture #rhinestones #bling

When my mom saw this she promptly remarked, “Warranty no more liao..”

Iceskating with Weetiong & Jiaying

Orchard Central with Jean

The last photo really was quite remarkable cos.. I spent like $150 in a day. We were planning to go to Scape but it was raining when we were at Somerset so we walked to Orchard Central instead. The moment I walked in, guess what I found?

A pushcart selling Chef Tony’s at Orchard Central!

Those who don’t know, I am a popcorn monster. And Chef Tony’s is my aphrodisiac. Affordable and it’s sooooo good! So I happily bought 2 tubs of popcorn in Mochaschino and Dark Chocolate.

Headed to Editor’s Market, MIYOC, Tagstyle, where I got clothes (again). And you know what’s the best part? I went to Cozycot and got Rachel K. Pressed Powder at $15 at clearance sales! SO HAPPY! My old one shattered when it fell out of the car (don’t ask how) so I need something new to bring out and there it was! Sitting there, less than half its original price of $38 and IN MY SHADE. Can someone spell bliss?

I was a very very happy girl that day. For the past two weeks now I’ve been trotting around Singapore for at least 8 hours a day. It’s gotten so bad that my blisters don’t have time to heal (and my wallet is empty). So yes I guess it’s time to stay home? 🙂


10 | Drumroll & Fanfare

Because I’ve been back working and translating at OneTVXQ (big shoutout to you lovely publishers & translators!) and also for SU4JYJ (you guys are the bomb too!) I’ve been back full-time into Kpop! So I thought maybe it’s time to share a few solo artistesI’m in love with. 🙂


She’s a third-generation Korean-American born in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. She’s from YMC Entertainment, has worked with Eru, Wheesung and Johnnyphlo before, and is just a vocal powerhouse. What I like about her? She outrightly admits that her favourite food is meat, isn’t afraid of confessing truthfully to how much she weighs, and is so at home, confident and natural onstage. She is all charm and I don’t know how anyone can dislike her, rather truthfully.

Check out her debut single “Heaven”, and comeback performances of “I Will Show You”.


Pronounced as Lee Ha-yi, or hi as we would normally say, NOT Lee Hee. Runner-up of SBS 2011 Survival Kpop Star and signed on with YG Entertainment. Recently YGE has been tending more towards the hiphop styles you see in 2NE1 and Bigbang so I was wondering how they would manage her but it seems that I forgot about Lexy, Gummy, and the bunch of other power voices that they manage, or used to manage. She’s also very charming, and has been slaying ’em charts with her debut single “” Take a look at it below.


His real name is Kwon Jiyong which IMO is like the most fitting name for him. Was a former SM trainee, ended up with YGE, is a singer-songwriter-producer and is rich due to the 107 song royalties under his name. He exudes this quiet confidence and charm with I cannot, cannot resist. Also, his rapping is very versatile and it can be soothing or full of swag depending on his mood I guess. He has sick dance moves as well. How? He’s perfect!

Check out his newest solo album “ONE OF A KIND”‘s title track Crayon.


Friends, friends. If you knew me from before this man, then I must say, you and I go back a long way. Debuted in 2003 with scumbag company SM Entertainment, under the legendary TVXQ (which I also love, but that’s a story for next time). More striking things about him I can think of right now is that he has a village named after him in Cambodia, the “Xiah Junsu village”, has sparked something called the “Junsu effect” which means that if he is in a particular musical, after 10 minutes of the tickets going on sale, they’re all gone, and is famous for Angel Xiah.

It’s irresistable! Ok your opinions are irrelevant. Anyway, in 2008, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment which has just been permanently postponed, and joined C-Jes Entertainment amidst a whirlpool of scandals and trouble. They’re still there, and he broke into the US market just this year with “Uncommitted”. He even has his own solo album in Korea, “Tarantallegra” and it. is. awesome.

How not to love him?!

As you can probably see, I’m really quite biased towards rappers, soulful singers, and people who are confident and charming. Tsktsk, so predictable! Also, I’m in love with most of YG Family, including Psy, Se7en, Bigbang, 2NE1, but this are the artists I love love. So yeah. 🙂

Also, because I promised someone, here are the tracks currently on loop in my iPod.

  1. 결국 (In the End) – GD
  2. Crash – B.A.P
  3. I Will Show You – Ailee
  4. – Lee Hi
  5. A La Nanita Nana – Cheetah Girls
  6. On My Way (Brother Bear) – Phil Collins
  7. Wish You Were Here – Avril Lavigne
  8. Nothing Compares 2 U – Bo Bruce
  9. DON’T HATE ME – Epik High
  10. Try – Pink
  11. 錯的人 – 蕭亞軒
  12. It’s Art – PSY
  13. Kiss From A Rose – Katherine Jenkins
  14. 枫 – 周杰伦
  15. 我難過 – 5566
  16. One More Night – Maroon 5
  17. 煎熬 – 5566
  18. 愛不疚 – Raymond Lam
  19. Catch Me – TVXQ
  20. 追 – 张国荣

Yup, that’s it. I know my playlist is kind of jumbled and pretty odd, I mean where will you find Disney soundtracks, Canto-pop, Kpop, C-pop, oldies, and a bunch of other weird indie/pop/soul/blues artistes in one place? Alright yeah I know Cheetah Girls is a bit.. um, but Brother Bear is forgivable, because it’s my favourite Disney cartoon EVER. Also, Bo Bruce and Katherine Jenkins did retakes on these two songs by Sinnead O’Connor and Seal, so they’re awesome as well. As for the C-oldies.. Oh well, now you know my musical preferences. 🙂

9 | Smooth Seas Do Not Make a Skilful Sailor.

aplaceforart:secret world no. 1 (by Golly Bard)

(Cr: aplaceforart)

I’ll explain the significance of the keyhole later – but first, HELLO! I am back from the dead 🙂

You might be wondering why I’m back here when O’Levels end on 16 November, it’s because hell week is over. As well as that monumental day where I wrote seven essays in three hours. Flattered by Cambridge who thinks I am superhuman 🙂

The finality of everything I’d studied for for four long years is coming to an end, and because today I packed my shithole of a room (finally) I feel especially melancholic. Why? Because as I was tidying my books I was reminded of something a teacher said pertaining to my results – “You wasted your time in Nanhua.”

Most of you know that I’m not academically gifted – not in the way that I can read things and memorize them at once anyway. I’m especially weak in science and math, or anything pertaining to the use of my logic. I’m significantly better in my more ‘creative’ subjects – History, Social Studies, Lit, and especially English, the free writing component of it. Unfortunately that’s just one small teeny bit of the entire curriculum so I was in the lower levels of my cohort because of my other grades.

So packing my books got me thinking – Have I really wasted my time in Nanhua?

After asking a few people – and one particularly poignant answer from a close friend, I would say my answer is no.

Sure, I could have done much better in terms of academics. I could have put in a little bit more work here and there and it would have amounted to a lot. I could have focused and stopped kidding around in Lower Sec. Or maybe in Sec Three I could have sobered up. In Sec Four I could have just set my heart to discipline and order and I could have done so much better.

But in the end I still say I have not wasted my time.

They say teenage years are tumultuous in terms of it being a time where you find yourself. Yes, it’s true. And although my academic grades are a thing of slight regret, I still think I did a lot of growing up in Nan Hua. There are more than one people whose lives I’ve made a difference in and I’ve got more than just a few friends. I have been led and led, I’ve tried and failed and tried harder and failed better, I’ve fallen down and gotten up a few feet from the finish line only to be overtaken. But all these experiences made me stronger.

Above all I guess I should be most thankful to my parents, especially my mother, who never put pressure on me to study like I have got no life. I’m sure she has high expectations of me, but her trust and faith that I know what I’m doing motivates me to work harder than if she had forced me against my will. By leaving me free to failure and success by merit of my own effort, she taught me to think, to assert myself, to work hard and fight for what I want, and to be independent. All these are lessons I’d rather learn now than in the future where these light knocks now will turn into one huge big painful knock. So thank you Mummy! For all the love and all the most delicious chicken every single day without fail. ♥

But at the same time, I’m going to say that I noticed one possible pitfall.

People always say when you’re sixteen you think you know the world and it wasn’t until recently when someone shook me awake that I realized that maybe I have been pretty lacking in receptiveness to advice because I thought I knew the world. Maybe I came off as arrogant, maybe I came off as lofty, or high-handed. If so, I apologize, I’m not really like that. It’s still something that I’m trying to change! 🙂

I’ve been looking at the world through a keyhole, a small and limited view, no matter how exciting the view is. It’s time to broaden my perspectives!

Hopefully this holiday I’ll be able to make significant progress with myself. Also, my mission to keep myself busy this holiday is almost too overwhelming, because my translations, articles and fictional works are all piling up, not to mention numerous guitar dates, shopping dates, exploration dates, skating dates, swimming dates.. wow. It’s gonna be packed!

So before I end this post, just an observation:

I never really thought it would be possible for men to look manly with pink hair.. but these people prove me wrong! Dead wrong!

GD in all his pink-haired, playful, whimsical, yet charming and manly glory. Haha!

Wait! His hair not really pink! So not fair!”


Yes I am a fangirl, no doubt about that! 🙂