84 | Baboons





Made my first trip to the zoo in a few years a few weeks back when I attended an event. Lijie and I toured the entire zoo together during those 3 measly hours I had to spare, and one hour was spent walking in a drizzle trying to be cheerful. Oh well.

The zoo hasn’t changed much from when I last saw it, but the sight of the lions, giraffes and polar bear just takes my breath away. No wonder there, since they’re some of my favourite animals, but what really shocked me was how much time I spent at the baboon enclosure with Bjorn and Lijie just chuckling at their antics, taking photos (to make memes of) and listening to the guys crack crude jokes.

Ah, wonderful days. It’s nice to think (or be deluded) that in a  week or so I’ll have such free time again.




May Favourites



Ah, I feel like May passed way too quickly. Where has all the time gone? May was minimal makeup month because for most days I was too overwhelmed with worry and work to go out of the house with anything more than the basic.

First, skincare. The Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment was my eye cream pick of the month. It is pretty steep in pricing but it provides good hydration for the undereye area and helps concealer go on smoother. It’s a slightly thick, viscous white cream that aims to brighten up the eye area. Haven’t noticed much in that department, but it sure does moisturize well! I’ve been wearing the Nars Creamy Concealer in Custard most this month, with occasional appearances from the more hydrating Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer and the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream. In any case, it keeps thin skin in the undereye area hydrated and moisturized enough to avoid creasing. Be careful and use a small amount of this though, or you could be prone to milia seeds!

Moving on to the lip products – two contenders this month. One of them is a long-time favourite, the Burt’s Bees Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Acai Berry. I’ve used the Mango flavoured one and the Kokum butter one previously but this one tops all for its pleasing scent and matte finish (compared to the Kokum butter’s glossy finish). Definitely a must-have!

Next on the list is the second lip product for this month, YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in No. 15 Corail Intuitive. This was Janice’s gift to me for my birthday and I left it sitting for about 2 months because I was into bolder lipsticks then, but when I dug it out again I fell head over heels in love! It’s a sheer, warm pink that’s slightly milky but very glossy indeed. It lives up to its promise of being moisturizing with great colour payoff at the same time. This lipstick goes perfect with a subtle, warm pink blush, and is great for completing softer looks. I’ve used this for about 10 days straight this month – and that’s a record!

Last of all, I’ve really come to appreciate my Jo Malone Cologne in Earl Grey and Cucumber. Strange-sounding scent, and perhaps a little old, but I love it. It doesn’t have much wear time and usually sillage fades after about 6 hours. Not the longest wearing scent, and this cannot be used with a Travalo either, but it’s a refreshing scent to have in the morning. Absolutely love this scent, and I can see myself using this all the way until the entire 100ml bottle finishes!


That’s all for the month of May, and a lot of favourites came in late for the month, so I’ll be excited to share them in the June favourites!

83 | Lost in Fort Canning





Three years of going for Shakespeare in the Park hasn’t changed a thing. Four shows later, I still get lost in Fort Canning, in the hot weather and uncomfy shoes.



雨季中百花掉落过后的沉默 – 蘇打绿


And when I got to the Park, boyyy was I surprised. I was here on VIP tickets given to me by a business associate, and I knew there’d be a buffet.. but I didn’t know there would be such good food, wine, personal mat, backed cushion and even a fan (which as we all know is the most important thing). Ah, this is the life!

After that stint in oppressive heat, all I wanted to do was to have my food, sip wine, and talk to the good people at SRT. Spoke to Gaurav, whom I haven’t seen since the first SRT showcase. For some reason, I was really amused when he warned people not to venture to the right of the park (because it’s a graveyard) and then sat back to enjoy the rest of the show.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Shakespeare in the Park is almost like an annual affair now, and although I am not much of a Shakespeare girl, I think watching a play under the stars is amazing. Oh, and SRT really does do its actors right. 😉

Ah, I wish I could live like this all the damn time.

82 | Winter in SG



If you’ve never set eyes on someone else who was as happy to be standing in the sweltering Singapore sun, it’s because they didn’t spend 6 hours in a freezing Kbox. Seriously though, if you ever want to experience being frozen, try Kbox.

In the span of one week, I spent eight hours in Kbox, 2 hours with Cynthia at Bugis Ksuites and six with my family at Jurong SAFRA’s branch on Labour Day. And simply because I couldn’t find any information on this – if you are a Sodagreen fan and plan to go to Kbox, they have a large selection of Sodagreen! This includes recent releases from the 秋:故事 album and old goodies like 空气中的视听与幻觉,频率 and 迟到千年. So, grab a bunch of your friends (order honey lemon because singing in falsetto is no joke) and plow your way through the entire list of Sodagreen songs!

Now that that’s ticked off my bucket list, Sodagreen AIR 2014 I am coming!

81 | Dancing Queen

IMG_4487IMG_4503 IMG_4507IMG_4398IMG_4403IMG_4405IMG_4436IMG_4442   If there’s anything that made the Dinner & Dance preparation worth it, it was the happiness of everyone who came. From creating the decor from scratch to running up and down to get things done, everything was justified when I saw for myself how much difference it made. 🙂 Thank you all the Chapter members who worked your asses off, and thank you the whole of HR for making efforts worth something.

80 | Redoing It





A new semester began two weeks ago and since then I have been severely sleep-deprived. Nevertheless, it was good to see 02 again, with all their silly antics. It feels like home. We have a new batch of freshmen now and it’s so odd to be the seniors but I feel like 02 has toned down and we’re growing into our roles.

The biggest things on my mind have been our annual Dinner & Dance, schoolwork (which I should really be used to by now) and other writing-related commitments like work, theatre, poetry. Dinner & Dance was splendid and although the weeks leading up to it were mad, the moment I saw HR all gathered in the same hall and enjoying themselves, it was all worth it. 🙂

Another reason why I’ve enjoyed April was because it was National Poetry Month and we had SingPoWriMo! The challenge was to write one poem for all 30 days of April and I did it even though I didn’t post it on the group daily! Poems like <temujin>, <stolen sunlight>, <modern day mulan>, <breaking into graveyards> were poems I never thought I would write. Sometimes the first step to getting a poem down is actually writing it no matter how bad the first drafts are. I also edited old poems, easing them into new forms, such as <translating iv>. Writing poetry became my asylum and it is becoming a happy habit! 🙂

Days that I feel like I’m being bogged down, I go for shows and enjoy some time at a bar w/ a good drink afterward. If not, cafe-hopping is always welcome! Heavy on the expenses but for the load it relieves.. 🙂 It’s worth it.



Here’s a cup of Shirley Temple on the house to get you through May!