8 | My Morale is Nan Hua HIGH.

There’s no way you can be sad, when every morning you drive into school and you see this:

First day, last day, still the same sight, still the same sounds.

Every morning, you see a huge banner outside Nanhua, saying “快快乐乐上学来 平平安安回家去”

From 2009, when Dr Foo drilled into us that we are “41 Clementi Ave 1”,

When the HDBs beside our school was a huge field and the air was pristine,

To when the construction began, and they sponsored our air-conditioned classrooms.

In 2009, we came in fresh out of primary education looking like the little noobs we were, and I meant, like that:

2009 Sports Meet with Xuening and Liow Boon Boon

And when we had our CCAs,


In Nanhua, there’s a very strong senior-junior culture. In 2009, no junior would dare to do stupid stuff like scold a senior, or even talk back. To us, seniors were our role models, and we respected them. Greeting in the hallways and corridors was expected. Discipline never needed to be enforced all that strictly, everyone knew what to do and when to do it. Certainly, Nanhua was a much stricter “Chinese cultured” school back then.

Then we grew up, and we were in Sec 2. Suddenly we weren’t at the bottom of the food chain anymore, hooray!

With 209

At this age I’d say it’s pretty natural to have some quarrels and issues with each other here and there, but yes, this is my awesome class. Remember “It’s natural”? Yes that’s a classic line, and at Sec Two all you do is talk smart, act smart, and try not to let anyone figure out that you’re really still feeling your way around. Or is it just me?

The turning point of my life, on the contrary, was with my SPORTS LEADERS.

We met in September while refereeing the interclass games for Sec One and I must say I was a very out-of-the-ordinary case because I went through no interview, no nothing. I just went in.

So let’s just say I wanted to quit.

But hey, Eunseong convinced me to stay, so I stayed on.

Then Sec 3,

I came into 310, this weirdo class which stays pindrop quiet no matter what we do.

PS: Jiat is this why you became so black?

Financial Literacy Trail 2011

Introduction to Literature 2011

And a bittersweet yet forever richly remembered UK TRIP 2011

Kk this guy is only here cos he’s hamsum!

We fell out numerous times but now we’re stuck together like glue.

YLC 2012

Then came the monumental ArtFest 2011!

After this came much debate, and finally, I got something that I’ve always been dreaming of – I became Head Sports Leader!

National Day 2011

NHNCCG Annual Camp 2011

I only put this because it was so much fun recceing!

First SL Outing – Iceskating #1 2011

The monumental year: 2012.

For many, Sec Four is seen as a stressful year where it appears to be all work and no play. Nope. In Nanhua (I think the teachers will disagree), in Sec Four, you can give less damns about the rules.

CCA Ex 2012



Fine Dining


With the people I was tasked to lead, love and serve.

Lit Excursion (never have I felt so lucky to have worn jeans in sweltering heat because the mosquitoes that day were crazy)

SPEECH DAY 2012, which I fought so hard for.

ORD 2012

Shakespeare in the Park 2012 – Twelfth Night


With my lovely mafia bosses of 2012

SL OUTING #2 – Inline skating @ East Coast

SPORTS LEADER OUTING #3 – Ice Skating @ Jcube


Cannot remember when this was..

The day 06NHNCCG met 405 at the rink.


YOLO DAY 2012 – Last day of school.


The beautiful view from my seat. Every day, sunlight streams through the windows and I do work by sunlight. Beautiful. Completely unforgettable.

My lovely little corner!

I figure nothing gets better than sitting next to a charger port, a small ‘deskside table’, and windows.

What’s not to love? This scene greets me every morning and I love it.

Willows grow everywhere in Nanhua. This is the scene in evenings, when I would stay in school until 7PM refusing to go home. School is sanctuary for us.

The school put this up along our 2.4km route and my timing improved. ^^


So at the end of this really lengthy post, I just wanna say a huge thank you to Nanhua.

I’ve been seeing Batch ’96 for four whole years, all the familiar faces, scandals, rumours and shit, we stuck through it all. Familiar faces and so much love. I found true friends and made some enemies, but in the end we made it. From the bottom of the food chain, we’re now at the top, the supposedly respected seniors. Even though in 2012 the culture is that seniors don’t really matter but yeah we’re still the best. It takes crazy people to do mass displays, flash mobs, YOLOs and such in school.

Leaving Nanhua, I must say I learnt to appreciate Chinese culture a lot more. Enhanced credibility here because I came into Nanhua hating Chinese to the core. Well I’m not fantastic at it now but I’m effectively bilingual. I’ve learnt that 忠孝仁爱 礼义廉耻 can be applied to every aspect of your life, I’ve grown tremendously in leading, learning and serving, I’ve learnt to love the unlovables, I’ve learnt to take things as they are. I learnt to balance studies and CCA, I learnt to not judge people (shoutout to you Marfoo!) and to not be afraid to stand up for what I believe in.

So here’s to the school that encourages being a nerd, where people throw bombastic words around casually, where Bio principles appear at the recess table, where people aren’t afraid of doing what they think is right, where students are disciplined themselves, where seniors discipline juniors, where it’s not considered a social offence if you shout answers out in class.

And here’s to the class that’s so quiet that everyone thinks there’s a teacher in class when there isn’t, to the pen-spinning, upskirting, buay paiseh friends, to the clique wars, raging and ganging up on teachers.

Life only comes once, and Nanhua made mine so much richer.