The Guide to Blind Gift-Giving

So it’s Christmas, and bless the season, we’re all out of ideas. Especially when it comes to blind gift-giving. How do you buy gifts if you don’t know who you’re buying it for? Still, don’t settle for stock options like vouchers or gift sets. Make it unique!

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 11.40.00.png

While the list is not exhaustive, I thought that at least it gives you a place to start looking. 🙂 Happy shopping!

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105 | Big Gambles

Ever since graduation in May, countless people have asked (most more out of courtesy than anything else), “Which university are you enrolling in?” The moment I tell them I’m not going to university, their reaction is usually one of exasperation (as in, “I keep telling you not to buck the trend and you won’t listen!”) or one of perplexity (“Like.. why? Just why?”).

Since securing my full-time job, I’ve gotten a more well-rounded perspective on this dilemma. While I will never be able to vouch 100% for whether university is the way to go or not, it differs based on character, preference and work ethic (I’ll go into details later) and of course, whether it will pay off or not, only time will tell. I’m still waiting to prove myself right. Thought it’d be nice to chronicle my thoughts at this point in time though, so that in a decade when I’m 30, in best case scenario I can thank myself for having foresight, and in worst case scenario I have concrete proof to beat myself up over. Haha!

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104 | Fangirl Slang

So having been a fangirl for an extraordinarily protracted amount of time (seriously, with my attention span in all likelihood K-pop should’ve been done with something like 9 years ago) has made me come to appreciate the intricacies of K-pop fan language – a.k.a fangirl slang. It can be a bit hard for non-speakers of Korean to understand, but once you get into Korean slang, you’ll never want to use another half-past-six, makeshift phrase again.

(PS: If there’s any term that you’d like to see that’s not on here, leave a comment or tweet me at @chelseaaasj and I’ll have it up here in a jiffy!)

Thank you my girls Nina and Arina for helping with the examples! Y’all are precious. ❥

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Thousand Word Days & Ten Years of Blogging

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.17.50 PM

I don’t often do challenges – that’s not to say I don’t like to challenge myself. I’m allergic to habits wildly spontaneous, and since most challenges work on a habit-forming model, they don’t sit well with me.

I was trawling through my old blogs a while ago, and an hour later, I had removed every trace of myself aged 10-17 from the Internet. That’s because I was a little shit. But these 38 deleted blogs led me to the year I started blogging – 2006, when was all the rage, and everybody used Cbox. Oh, those days. Coincidentally, this ten year mark coincided with my one month of being on the Thousand Word Day challenge. Seriously, does Heaven schedule these things?!

Writing has been something I’ve been very ill-disciplined with over the years – only writing when inspiration struck me over the head with a club. Those days, I’d sit down and bleed words, but otherwise, I was losing a lot of content every day, simply by not penning them down. It wasn’t until I got to Korea that I decided to make it a part of my day. And the challenge?

1,000 words of writing a day, or 3,000 words of reading a day

30,000 words later –

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Best Apps for Seoul: Subway 지하철


Korea’s subway system is kickass.

Trains that arrive on time, are clean, travel fast, have racks for you to put your bags on, segregated carriages for those who need seats – I was so impressed by their system while I was there. Taking the train no longer felt like a drag, I actually enjoyed my commute. (The bus system was something I didn’t try because it was mind-boggling to say the least) Their app is the cherry on top of the already delectable fresh cream cake, and it’s equally, if not more impressive.

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Best Apps for Seoul: Introduction

IMG_8738 has now officially implemented their paid plans – which means I have only 3GB of space for images on the free plan. What a bad time to be uploading image-heavy app posts!

In any case, all the apps pictured above are apps that I found immensely useful in Korea. I’ll be doing a quick introduction of Airbnb, Accuweather, XE Currency and Skyscanner in another post, but since they’re in English they should be simple to navigate. Daum Maps, Subway, and Yogiyo are apps that are in Korean, so I’ll be going into detail in the hopes that you’ll be able to use the app!

PS: Keeping the images on the post to a minimal to save space for the three Korean apps which will need more explanation! Bear with me.

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The Case for Solo Travel

Photo 6-4-16, 04 17 19.jpg

One year ago, if anyone asked me, “Hey, why don’t you do university overseas?” I used my standard answer on them.

No lah, why travel overseas? Singapore is good enough. My family is all here, 我始终放不下 (I can’t let go). And it’s so expensive to travel overseas! If you tell me go for 3-6 months, maybe, but 1 year and above, no way! I’ll start asking to come home after 1 week!

It honestly never occured to me that I’d be eating my words one day, haha! In the past six months, I’ve been to Florence, Milan, Paris, and now Seoul.

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Eating in Seoul: 리골레토 시카고 피자 Rigoletto Chicago Pizza

Photo 31-3-16, 12 15 04.jpg

My friend Jasmine came over from Singapore last week, and we were walking around Gangnam looking for food when I remembered that my Korean teacher strongly recommended a pizza place in Yeoksam-dong. Turns out it was just round the corner from where we were! Couldn’t help but step in and try it – we sure didn’t regret it.

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