79 | Tireless


A few hours before the tireless ennui kickstarts itself all over again.

I’m gonna make it good this time.



RAVE: Werdsmith

Cr: x

As a writer, it’s important to be able to jot down notes whereever you go – be it ideas, snippets of writing, beats, drafts or outlines.

I used to be a staunch paper girl, and even until now I still insist that paper is the best way to get your ideas down. But it’s become impractical for me as I switch to smaller bags (and also because I suffer tremendous losses from misplacing pens) and the only one thing I have with me all the time is my handphone.

Most people use Notepad or Evernote to jot down ideas, so why should Werdsmith be any different?

Some screenshots from my phone with one of my poems for SingPoWriMo, <breaking into graveyards>:


The font used here is Avenir, and this is the general layout of a new idea/writing.

IMG_4228This comes out when you click the little i at the corner.

IMG_4229 IMG_4230Fonts are incredibly important to me, some pieces are suited to OldStyle fonts (Baskerville) or Sans Serif (Helvetica) or Modern (Avenir). Also change your font size here.

IMG_4232View your editing history – very important to see what worked and what didn’t!

IMG_4233Set goals for yourself and categorize your writing in terms of ideas or projects.

I’d recommend this app for anyone who likes to jot down ideas or projects and it’s great for writing on the go. If you’re not the kind who can keep ideas in your head for very long, this is ideal. It loads quickly, and has a very clean and user-friendly interface, the kind that’s best for writers that want to focus on words and not have a cluttered screen with distracting symbols. Oh, did I also mention that you can publish your writings onto your own hyperlink? Mine’s here – http://werdsmith.com/chelseasj.

The basic version of this app is free and allows only five pieces to be written, but the upgrade is only $3.98 on the Apple Store here.

78 | Elderflower Gin

IMG_4070   So somewhere in the holidays a crazy idea struck me. I was due at China Court in the afternoon, so why not wake up early, walk around Tiong Bahru and collect a book from Kenny. Good idea right? Wrong. Things went topsy-turvy when (surprise surprise) I woke up late. Made it to Tiong Bahru for breakfast (@ 1PM) of iced mocha with a pork cheek and gruyere sandwich. Not my favourite, but they took my three cheese sandwich off the menu 😦 IMG_4078 Bringing Cynthia around Tiong Bahru in the sweltering sun. I love going there on weekdays and just soaking in the quiet atmosphere. I’m glad I have my little escapades. IMG_4120 Very pretty pavement speckled with bottlecaps outside one of the restaurants along Kim Pong Road. Was it Heart of House? I can’t quite remember.. Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Headed to China Court (which we took ages to find) where we finished everything we had to do. China Court is a very pretty place to work in but terrible to find. No building in this place looks like an office. Oh boy, we definitely had an adventure looking for it. Left China Court and decided to visit a cafe we saw on Mothership’s list, My Awesome Cafe, just across the road from us to Telok Ayer. Cynthia was so besotted with the place, she was literally drunk on the atmosphere here. IMG_4122 IMG_4116   Before we left, the waiter showed us some gin that they had and enticed me to try their elderflower gin. Just thinking about elderflower gin in a mixer tempts me. Mm, perhaps time to go back there soon?

77 | Maiden Voyage

IMG_4856 IMG_4857 IMG_4858

Throwback: 31 March, 2014

Made my virgin trip to Tampines after 18 years of existence (and this time it wasn’t because I mistook 67 for a loop service) and headed to IKEA with Cynthia. IKEA is a relatively dangerous place to unleash me, especially when I am overly optimistic about my ability to organize and stay organized. It’s just kind of hazardous, really, and I emerged from IKEA with $47 complete with a nylon IKEA bag, at which Mummy gasped and very politely asked, “What did you buy?” which really means “I’m reconsidering your pocket money.”

Turns out I spent $5 on a tinted glass jar with 6 stalks of daisies, a baby pillow and a set of baby mattress with pillow cases for my study chair (so resourceful hor?) as well as a few other knick-knacks. Also had my fill of poached salmon which I’d been craving for ages, and had my first try of the famous fifty-cent cones.

In short, I cheated. I tiptoed around Tampines’ borders, but I’ll be back (when I have 4 hours to spare for the journey to and fro).


PS: In other news, I spent my entire holiday basically trawling everywhere for makeup storage solutions, a black designer crossbody bag and a stylish reliable backpack. It’s hopeless as of now. Help me out!

76 | Generations


travel essentials: rayban cockpit sunglasses – sincere optics | clinique chubby stick in 04 mega melon – sephora | shiseido multi-defense uv – robinsons | crabtree and evelyn avocado hand cream – crabtree & evelyn | travalo – sasa w/ versace yellow diamond – sephora | ipod touch gen 5

This trip to Kuantan was (as always) full of the best food in town, bonding time with the children and family stories that I lap up as fast as they come. On a sidenote, I also discovered that my ability to sleep everywhere was not to be slighted – I slept on speeding cars, rattan chairs, and the infamous cement floor of the family home that basically every person in the family has slept on as a child. It’s always nice to see the century-old family home, and see the family portraits, go around Kuantan and hear about the property my great-granddaddy owned, etc. Nothing beats family time.

PS: It’s definitely true when they say that pigs are very family-oriented people.