Best Apps for Seoul: Subway 지하철


Korea’s subway system is kickass.

Trains that arrive on time, are clean, travel fast, have racks for you to put your bags on, segregated carriages for those who need seats – I was so impressed by their system while I was there. Taking the train no longer felt like a drag, I actually enjoyed my commute. (The bus system was something I didn’t try because it was mind-boggling to say the least) Their app is the cherry on top of the already delectable fresh cream cake, and it’s equally, if not more impressive.

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Eating in Seoul: 명동교자 Myeongdong Gyoza

In Seoul, I have this little ritual every Friday. I have a fixed route that I take that brings me from Gangnam to Myeongdong to Sinchon and ends at Hongdae. These are my favourite hangout spots, and Myeongdong is usually the one that holds me up for hours on end.

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Best Apps for Seoul: Introduction

IMG_8738 has now officially implemented their paid plans – which means I have only 3GB of space for images on the free plan. What a bad time to be uploading image-heavy app posts!

In any case, all the apps pictured above are apps that I found immensely useful in Korea. I’ll be doing a quick introduction of Airbnb, Accuweather, XE Currency and Skyscanner in another post, but since they’re in English they should be simple to navigate. Daum Maps, Subway, and Yogiyo are apps that are in Korean, so I’ll be going into detail in the hopes that you’ll be able to use the app!

PS: Keeping the images on the post to a minimal to save space for the three Korean apps which will need more explanation! Bear with me.

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The Case for Solo Travel

Photo 6-4-16, 04 17 19.jpg

One year ago, if anyone asked me, “Hey, why don’t you do university overseas?” I used my standard answer on them.

No lah, why travel overseas? Singapore is good enough. My family is all here, 我始终放不下 (I can’t let go). And it’s so expensive to travel overseas! If you tell me go for 3-6 months, maybe, but 1 year and above, no way! I’ll start asking to come home after 1 week!

It honestly never occured to me that I’d be eating my words one day, haha! In the past six months, I’ve been to Florence, Milan, Paris, and now Seoul.

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