[ENG] More Than a TV Star – Innovator

More Than A TV Star – Innovator
SMTM 4 Ep. 8 (Team YG)
Composer: Tablo, SHAUN
Lyrics: Innovator, Tablo
Arrangement: LIFE AND TIME
Translations: © @chelseaaasj

English translations of More Than Just a TV Star by Innovator in Show Me The Money 4 Ep. 8 (SMTM4 Episode 8) No. 1 on Team YG (Tablo, Jinusean).

HAN/ROM coming soon.

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66 | Augenblick

German (n.) lit. “in the blink of an eye”; a ‘decisive moment’ in time that is fleeting, yet momentously eventful and incredibly significant.

I’m finally back here after the hell that was presentation week. I finally feel like all my previous “hells” finally culminated into one blowup week, and I’m not even sure how 5/7 weeks of hell even occurred, but the important thing is, it’s over, and I am pretty much free to do whatever I want. Nah just kidding, I still have term papers.

I actually drafted this post something like 2 weeks ago, but because WordPress and iPhone photos don’t like each other, I couldn’t flip images. I tried everything, rotating on iPhone, rotating on my computer, rotating on WordPress, and nothing worked, until the idea hit me to try the iPhone WordPress app. Ya right? Slow. All these pictures here could date way back, but they’re here now, so enjoy!

Hit Cake Spade with Janice during HBL Week, and I had a really embarrassing moment there. Janice will give me grief for a lifetime with this one scene. All this hubbub started with that transparent cup you see. Usually in cafes they serve cappuccinos or coffees in general with white cups and or large glasses but I swear I’d never seen a cappuccino in a transparent teacup with a transparent saucer to match. Apparently I said “WOW!?” really loudly and Janice didn’t even dare to look at the server. Talk about shame hahaha.

Exciting incidents aside, I finally tried the tofu cheesecakes which were highly raved about. Was it up to the hype? Let’s just say I had 3 slices of cake that day. Just can’t get enough of that stuff. I mean, the fruits are fresh, the cheesecake is not too thick and it’s not very sweet either. Really appreciated the digestive biscuit base and it tasted delicious too! Bought more cakes to share with the family and busted about $80 on cakes alone. Now no one will believe me when I said I never used to be a dessert girl. In my defence, I am still not one, I’m just a cake kinda girl. 🙂



Janice also ordered a ramekin which was way too sweet for me. This will tickle all you chocolate lovers out there, but I like dark chocolate and this was just sweet. Cloyingly sweet. Didn’t finish this but it was so pretty I had to take a photo of it!


In most exciting news this week, my Daniel Wellington watch arrived! I’d been eyeing the watch from Justtangy for a few weeks and when Kwerkee had a preorder, I just couldn’t resist. I thought the Classy watches would be too small for me, although the Swarovski crystals were pretty, so I ordered the Classic with two straps – the Oxford strap was from Justtangy and the original Bristol strap. Changing the strap was the first thing I did – I mean, I see no sense in wearing leather to school everyday. Maybe for functions. I really enjoy the Oxford strap though, fall colours like navy blue, royal red and emerald green are my absolute favourites and I really can’t stop looking at the time now. 🙂


Another event that nearly drove me crazy with happiness was when my little girl Charis came back from Beijing for a few days. She’s really got my me wrapped round her pinky finger. She is really good at manja-ing me, by the way. I can never resist her. Anyway I hope my little one enjoyed her stay. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and I suppose that’s true. 🙂


Outside matters aside, every day has been really enjoyable with 02. One thing about 02 is that we are all friends. If we bitch about someone, we’ll go and tell that person in their face, sooner or later. We trust each other, and we’re basically classroom hooligans. Asked Ms Juliana during PTN what her impression of 02 was and she said “dynamic”. ORLY? Just dynamic? Nah, we’re basically energy on legs. Whether it’s having class lunch or having unglams posted (cough, Micaela, cough) I really enjoy their company and they make me miss school on the days I decide to, er, call in sick. I hope we preserve this camaraderie until we’re in Year 3 and beyond, because God knows this is hard to come by.


Also celebrated birthdays with my family this month. 🙂 Here are all the kids in a rare family shot (and probably one of the few that were actually successful) that a family girl like me would cherish for life. Stuffed myself at the Crystal Jade steamboat.. but then again I’ve not been watching my diet these few days.





If I didn’t get my information wrong, I believe we’re the first and the earliest class in HR to take both presentations and boy, was it a rush. I basically slept all of 3 hours before DBE presentation, and slept 15 minutes for FOM presentation, and mind you these were on Tuesday and Wednesday, not to mention they came after a week in which I only slept 20 hours in total. That will explain the eyebags and the bad complexion. I have no idea why they choose to stuff a project with such a wide scope within one term, but we did it anyway. I mean, we’re used to this right? Business students are used to making miracles with presentations anyway. /sigh/



More recent shots after our last presentation. I completely have no mood to study for my written papers now that I’m done with my presentations and that’s a really ominous sign. That also says that the picture above is me step studying. On the same day, Claudia and I both turned up in nautical-themed tops, and I discovered how many people in class were into Heirs.. basically about 1/4 of the class is hooked on this drama and we’re basically just catching up to each other’s speeds and trying not to spoil it for the rest.

Having said that, Heirs is a really good show. I mean, it’s rare for me to like a Korean drama because they’re so melodramatic, and truth be told I really go for actors/actresses – if there’s a few people I like you can be sure I’ll be watching it. All these are rather chanced upon because I don’t naturally start watching on my own. I watched Heirs because Eunice recommended it and I was bored after FOM presentation on Wednesday – and boy did I regret not heeding her advice to start after exams. With Chanyoung, Kim Tan and later Hyo Shin, they got me hook, line and sinker. I thought my heart would shatter for Cha Eun Sung’s plight but no, it shattered for Kim Tan’s predicament. 😦 I am now stuck at Ep 16 trying to wait patiently and not buy a ticket to Korea and rob the SBS studio for the remaining 4 eps. Worse still it’s broadcasted twice a week (and I thought waiting for On Call 2 was bad!) and I am not the most patient of people. Which you might have gathered already, from the way I’m speaking like a drug addict would.


The past few weeks have been tough on me and the people around me. I’ve been easily irritable, although I don’t get angry easily. I keep babbling when I’m tired (because I just can’t shut up, can I?) and that must have irritated the people around me to no end. School wasn’t the only thing to hit, there were a few other things and deadlines going on at the same time as well, but despite being relieved that it’s over, I realized that I don’t really lament my busy days. I lament the days when I’m stuck at home feeling shitty with nothing to do but I don’t complain about the days in which I only have 3 hours to sleep. This amount of activity scares me because I’m never sure how much more my body can take, but the thought of having nothing to do scares me even more. In fact, it frightens me stiff. My time with SRT’s The Young Co. ends next January and other than some personal reasons why I’d be quite heartbroken to leave, I’m terrified that I’ll have nothing to while away my time. I’m currently tossing around the idea of going for another mentorship programme, or taking a second diploma in translation. Let’s see how much I can save, I guess. I quite like the idea of leaving my writing alone for a while and relaxing myself by indulging in languages.

SRT-TYC has been an amazing journey thus far. We concluded our last external workshop with Rikki, touring director of Peter Brook’s The Suit and have one last workshop with Bill on 7 Dec. Our short pieces will be going into production after that and the trepidation and insecurities are doing me no good. Next year on, we’ll part ways and though the industry is small, I’ll have no reason to meet my other lovely playwrights again. Over this year we’ve met almost every week. We’ve exchanged works, talked about insecurities, caught amazing shows together, and I’ll miss them dearly. I’ve grown close to a few of them and they’re all people I don’t think I could be here without. At this point of time I guess I’ll just have to reiterate my own point that every moment is fleeting and every meeting, transient. These are people I’ll continue loving and memories I won’t quickly forget. They’ve started me on a journey that I hope won’t see completion anytime soon, and where it goes from here is my own call. 🙂 It’s always nice to know I have buddies around though. It makes me feel like this is less of a steep cliff, but rather, just an uphill climb.

Exams will be over in a week, and then it’s partying all the way till New Year’s Day. Till the next time, then! x

TAG: Wanderlust & A Place I’d Like to Visit

In keeping with the 30 Day Live For Tomorrow Challenge and the Wanderlust tag: here are my voyages across the seas!


I have taken a keen interest in Tibetan culture after watching Chinese Idol so Tibet is pretty straightforward. Korea – even more straightforward. Greece because who doesn’t like posh white houses on cliffs that hang over beautiful blue seas? And Bora Bora – for the sunshine-sand-sea girl in me.

1. Your most treasured passport stamp?

I think my most treasured passport stamp would be the one to Cairns, and I had a blast there. I was actually young enough to have the energy to try every single thing, but old enough to remember all that I did. I mean, I went to the Great Barrier Reef and spent a day snorkelling, as well as took a hot air balloon and ate the most exquisite outback steak in my life ever. I cannot forget that.

2. Can you recite your passport # from memory if asked?

I could probably do half of the numbers, but I think I have better things to remember!
3. Preferred method of travel; planes, trains or automobiles?

I think any mode works. I don’t mind, in fact, I love long-haul flights, road trips. I haven’t properly taken a train before but I can’t imagine it’ll be bad. By the way, am I the only one around who loves airplane food? I love how compartmentalized everything is. I’ve always loved compartmentalized food! Or it could be just me being strange.

4. Top 3 travel items?

I would feel very handicapped overseas without my phone. I will not travel without my trusty chapstick/lip balm. And some identification because let’s be honest, if I ever run out of cash, I could always sing on the streets and be a busker, right? Yep, people would actually pay me to shut up.
5. Hostel or hotel?

Oddly enough I have always felt terribly afraid of staying in hostel or hotels. Too many stories of such haunted places and so many rituals to observe, such as knock the door, occupy the whole bed, don’t talk trash, etc. I’m probably being superstitious but I suppose it might be better to err on the side of caution. If I honestly had to choose, not the hostel. The last time I stayed in a hostel in Lake District I had to lug my almost 20kg suitcase up the stairs. Not enjoyable at all!
6. Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?

I am.. a repeat visitor. I always miss the places I have visited and have rarely or never felt an inclination to go explore some godforsaken corner of the globe before. I am just not the adventurous type. Oh, and I hate anything and everything plant-related, so that means no tropical rainforest trekking for me, no matter how people try to make it sound exotic.
7. Do you read up on your destination (culture,history,safety) or do you wing it?

The places I’ve visited have been pretty familiar. I mean, Singapore is a global cosmopolitan city so we pretty much have experienced a large number of world cultures. I have read up extensively on a few countries I’d like to visit: Tibet, Alaska and Nordic countries!
8. Favorite travel website?

None. I usually find out about travel experiences from my favourite youtubers’ vlogs or @pameloho on twitter, who’s my friend 🙂
9. Where would you recommend a friend to visit? Name city & why.

Stratford-upon-Avon. Other than it being the birthplace of the Bard, which makes it fantastic for literary geeks, it is also a really quaint town. I remember enjoying a good meal of English fish and chips and buying Beatrix Potter books for 2 pounds each. What a steal! They also have cobble-stone paths, which I absolutely adore.
10, You’re leaving tomorrow, money is no option, where are you going?

I’m hightailing it to Tibet! It’s a dimension of its own entirely, the rooftop of the world. I have been so fascinated with the culture there and I would really like to visit! Second choice would be Greece, simply because it is breathtakingly beautiful (from the pictures I’ve seen of it). It seems that the city is mostly white and surrounded by blue seas and it’s like a dream come true for me.

37 | Part Of A Dream.

Cr: aplaceforart


I know how I always say I’m involved in a lot of this and a lot of that. And I am. I really enjoy getting busy but recently the load’s been getting a bit hectic. Coupled with my newfound self-discipline (which really still needs a lot of practice) and my newly-discovered intrinsic motivation I kind of feel like I need to quickly get on with even more.

I just completed the 30th Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) at SGKIS today and as it came to an end I realized that hey, I just took my first step to my dream of being a linguist/translator.

All the time I was studying it felt so surreal to me (typical of an ENFP right, deadlines are always of relative rather than absolute importance) and it felt like I was just studying with no real end in mind. Well, today was the fulfillment of it. It feels kind of false – the first exam that I’ve registered for, paid for and studied for myself. I really look forward to seeing the results, whether good or bad is irrelevant. I’m still involved in theatre, caught up in schoolwork (acing the non-math modules and struggling my way through stats and POA), dealing with the daily stuff, upkeep of myself and the occasional drama, juggled meeting up with my closer friends, attending plays, going back to my secret place, and more importantly, I loved every step of the way.

When I say I dream of it, I really dream of it. I want to be a translator, I can’t imagine being behind a computer from 8-5PM doing admin or accounts.. I need to be able to interact with people. Or deal with language (it’s alive!). But no, not communicating to emotionally and morally detached office workers and sitting behind a computer (unless I’m working on a new text).

There were more than a few times that I’d be so out of it that I’d be thinking to myself, mindnumbing myself on youtube and I felt like I’d not make it through 30 years of life, but then I really really know that it’s worth it, that I lived not just as a mediocre person, but that I lived a life that was beautiful. Full of magic. Inspiring. Full of worth, value and meaning. A life that hasn’t gone to waste. Youth that wasn’t spent on just TV and computer. Youth that was bright like the morning sun.

So those of you out there fighting for your dream as I am mine, especially those with the common goal to further studies – just keep at it. One step at a time. Foot on the accelerator. Let go of the brakes. Fight for it. Keep going, don’t pause and don’t look back. Just move, and you’ll get there someday.

13 | Mixing Work And Pleasure.

Since young I’ve realized that I’m a misfit.

I’ve gradually accepted that I will never be as academically-inclined as Rachel.

Neither will I be as fashionable as Jean.

Nor as sociable as Tina.

Not the fine lady that Eunice is.

Sometimes I feel like I’m feeling around in the dark, and occasionally I feel a bit like a deer caught in the headlights by life.

There’s still a long way more to go.. many other areas that I haven’t discovered. Meanwhile I’ll try to stave off the cynical and the jaded thoughts that keep threatening me.. because wonder is the start of gratitude! 🙂


I’ve also been bouncing around this thought in my head, that there are two blurred echelons to happiness, bliss, joy.

The first level will be a materialistic or very surface kind of happiness. You feel happy and you laugh. That kind of happiness can only reach the extent of bliss. And it’s not very sustainable, i.e. it’s not joy. So yes.

The second kind of happiness is deeper and it reaches the level of fulfillment. Perhaps it’s the realization that you are blessed enough to be able to give something up, but it requires sacrifice.

I think mostly I’m at level One, but through doing things, even small things, small tasks, like grocery, making a conscious effort to do what I can to ease the load of friends and family even if it’s inconvenient for me.. I’ve come to see that it’s when all my friends and family are happy that I am happy.

Maybe this is love?

But I’m still waiting for the day it finally occurs to me that my friends and family are beyond priceless and no amount of money is too much to spend on them! Because money still plays a very pivotal role.. as a teenage girl you covet many things you see. Maybe this covetousness never ends? Haha!


You guys. Do any of you have any idea what it’s like to mix work and pleasure?

It’s wonderful.

It’s really absolutely liberating. For once I don’t have to drag myself to do something I’m obliged to do and it pleases me even more that I generally naturally excel in the things I do.

For example, Korean.

I think I’m learning pretty fast for a beginner and absorbing more and more each week because I’ve been watching variety shows and listening to songs, so I can expose myself to more of the language. Although I’ve learnt it elsewhere before, I practically gleaned nothing much except that I know how to read it. Mm.

Yet this is much more challenging (and thus fulfilling in a way) because I barely know the content that’s taught. At first go I start on the same slate as everyone else. Maybe I can read faster but so what, I work equally hard to stay at the top!

But I digress.

I was just thinking of how much joy it would bring me to be able to be in a field of work where I can both stay free (i.e. no nine to five hours because that’s just so mainstream), being able to do what I love best (translating, writing) and doing it for enough money to sustain me. Everyone dreams of this stuff right?

I never really thought my love of the Korean language would blossom into something that reaches far further than my love for the music, the culture. Never in my life. From just being a fangirl (still am) to being someone who would love the language just as much even if I had no K-pop, I guess I’ve grown.

And also it scares me that I bash myself up for every small mistake I make. For every word I get wrong in class, it’s back to repetitive writing until it’s impossible for me to forget that word ever again. And also, bashing myself up for the 98/100 that I got on my test today. Sometimes I think the pain of being “too close” is worse than the pain of being “too far”.

The key point here would be that despite doing so much and cramming all my bonding time with the babes (shopping, music, and more shopping) and exploring Singapore with the guys, I don’t regret anything because I’m happy doing what I do.

Even if it means I face the computer writing articles late into the night, or, whether I like it or not, force myself to go through the most boring grammar exercises and Korean news, or being so tired because I get less than 8 hours of sleep a night, I am happy.

Perhaps in a distant utopia this is what life is all about? About learning, about improving yourself, about being passionate for what you do?