104 | Fangirl Slang

So having been a fangirl for an extraordinarily protracted amount of time (seriously, with my attention span in all likelihood K-pop should’ve been done with something like 9 years ago) has made me come to appreciate the intricacies of K-pop fan language – a.k.a fangirl slang. It can be a bit hard for non-speakers of Korean to understand, but once you get into Korean slang, you’ll never want to use another half-past-six, makeshift phrase again.

(PS: If there’s any term that you’d like to see that’s not on here, leave a comment or tweet me at @chelseaaasj and I’ll have it up here in a jiffy!)

Thank you my girls Nina and Arina for helping with the examples! Y’all are precious. ❥

입덕 ip-deok: 입 stands for enter (Chinese ‘入’). 덕 is short for 덕후 deok-hu which is short for 오덕후 o-deok-hu – which is a variation of 오타쿠 otaku. Ah, now you get it. Otaku is a Japanese word for people who are so maniacally obsessed with something that they come to the point of becoming socially reclusive. 입덕 ip-deok thus means the point at which someone becomes a crazy fan for someone else. It’s often conjugated as 입덕하다 ip-deok ha-da which is the verb form, and 입덕 포인트 ip-deok po-in-teu is the entry point of fanhood (or charming point).
eg. 나 동방신기 입덕했어. I have ip-deoked (become a crazy fan of) DBSK.
마마무의 입덕 포인트가 흥이죠. Mamamoo’s ip-deok point (charming point) is their excitement, of course.
Related: 극성펜 keuk-seong-pehn (极性粉) extreme follower; 덕후질 deok-hu-jil obsessed fan

걸 크러쉬 geol-keu-ra-swi: girl crush. a crush, intense liking or admiration on, for and of a girl, usually by another female. Their songs are typically gender-neutral, or promoting female independence. Their appeal is towards both males and females, and usually have a tough girl/eccentric image. Famous girl crushes include CL of 2NE1, Hwasa of Mamamoo (though the whole group qualifies, really), Amber of f(x), etc.

지못미 ji-mot-mi: 지겨주지 (offer protection) 못해서 (couldn’t) 미안해 (sorry) – sorry for not being able to offer protection. In a laughable context, it’s used by fans when idols unglams get uncovered, ie. sorry that I couldn’t protect your image, but it’s also used in more serious contexts when idols are slammed down by antis and the fans apologize for not being able to protect them. Again, the concept of fans protecting idols is very unique to K-pop.

안습 an-seub구에 (in my eyes) 기차다 (moisten) – to have tears gather. Commonly used when referring to saddening incidents.
eg. 안무가 열심히 연습하는 모습은 안습이다. The way he practices choreography so diligently makes me tear up.

노잼 no-jehm: 노(English ‘no’) 재미 (fun, interesting, fascinating) – not fun, not interesting, not funny, not fascinating. Used to refer to people who crack jokes that are just not funny, no matter how much they laugh on their own.
eg. Rap Monster of BTS telling Jimin, “Jimin, you have no jams”. Or TWICE’s Jungyeon and Chaeyeon referring to themselves as the No-Jam brothers.
야, 너 진짜 노잼이다. Hey, you’re really no-jam.

훈남/훈녀 hun-nam/hun-nyeo:훈훈하다 refers to warmth. This phrase refers to people who look warm, welcoming, kind. Famous hun-nam/hun-nyeos are Park Bo-Gum, Park Tae-Hwan, Eric Nam, Kang Seo-jun, Hongbin (VIXX), Han Seung-yeon (KARA), YoonA (SNSD), Suzy (Miss A), Jung Eunji (APink).

엄친아/엄친딸 eom-chin-a/eom-chin-ddal: 엄마 (mother’s) 친구의 (friend’s) 아들/딸 (son/daughter). A term used for people who are exactly like the smart, good-looking and filial children that all your mother’s friends seem to have. Famous examples include Siwon (Super Junior), Kim Tae-Hee, Im Siwan (ZE:A), Sojin (Girl’s Day), Hani (EXID).

비글 bi-geul: almost the same as English slang ‘beagle’, referring to easily excitable people. Famous beagles include EXO’s Beagle Line Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Chen and BTS’s Jimin, V, Jungkook.

베이글 bae-i-geul: stylized ‘bagel’ this refers to people who have 베이비 페이스 baby-face + 글라머 glamour. Innocent face and killer body. Famous beagles include MinA (Girl’s Day), Park Jimin (BTS), Ailee, Hyosung (Secret), G.Na, Yang Yoseob (B2ST).


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