EARWORMS: K-Pop Rapper x Singer Duets

I’m not sure why I’ve never blogged about this before but – these are really good earworms.

Given my strong liking of Korean rap, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that these are perhaps my favourite type of K-pop Collabs. With strong rap tones and honey smooth voices, these collabs are the perfect meld of contradictions.

1. Gary x Jung In – Your Scent (사람 냄새)

When I was at Zinc Hair Salon a while back, my stylist Nicky recommended this to me, saying he loved this song more than any other Gary collabs. Which is saying something, since Gary x Jung In collabs are mostly earworms of mine. So I heard this and within the day I was hooked. Both catchy and sensible, the lyrics are not about mooning over someone, or being foolish in love. Hear it for yourself and see!

2. Drunken Tiget x Yoon Mi Rae x Bizzy – The Cure (살자)

This song totally caught my ear at the 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun and from then on, it’s been a favourite of mine. It’s really quite rare to hear Korean songs about things other than love, money, fame, they themselves, etc. Listening to these songs brings healing. I hope you get healed by this song too! PS: All David Choi fans – they had a collab with him too!

3. Soyou x Junggigo – Some (썸)

This song was all the rage just 1-2 months ago, with it being performed quite a few times on Yoo Hui Yeol’s sketchbook and Junggigo shooting from the unknown to known. Well, for the non-R&B fans anyway. They called this the Soyou effect, although to be honest he’s exceptional on his own as well. Not much explanation is needed for the national Ssome anthem.

4. Raina x San E – Midsummer Night’s Sweetness (한여름밤의 꿀)

Raina’s sweet and aegyo-filled voice is a good match for San E’s upbeat rapping. This song might possibly be the most well-known summer song of 2014, with it topping multiple charts. Definitely was on my playlist for over 2 weeks.

5. Swings x Yoo Sung Eun – TRAP

One of the few OSTs that caught my ear, I got this one while watching My Secret Hotel (it’s really not bad, Yoo In Na is as gorgeous as ever) and have been listening to it non-stop. Besides, I can’t possibly exclude Swings, can I? Yoo Sung Eun’s voice is perfect for Swings’ tone, and they really should do more collabs.


That wraps it up for now, a list of five rapper x singer duets I enjoy. People have asked who my favourite rappers are, and currently they’re: Tablo, San E, 1llionaire, Swings, MINO, GD, Bobby, B.I. – I would say that I listen to a lot of underground and YG rappers, but not necessarily the idol ones. 🙂

Until the next Earworms post – farewell!


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