88 | Mindless

It’s been madness on my corner these few weeks! All that’s going on is spinning my head on its point and it’s definitely tiring. Now mornings begin earlier, sometimes even before 9AM, and nights end later, mostly about 2-3AM. Goodness me, I’m not going to live very long, am I?



02’s class photoshoot a few weeks ago made me all the more thankful for a class that has no gaps between each other. I think it’s a blessing that I ran into this ragtag bunch who make coming to school every day something to look forward to. 🙂


Oh, and how can I forget Yeewai? I remember the shock in our voices when we both learnt that we’re going to the same course. 🙂 I hope you don’t regret your choice, and remember that we are each others’ shelters! 


Finally had what was most probably one of the last meetups with my homegirl before sending her into the fray. Go and come back victorious from A’s! It’s all good that you’re going to do well but what’s more important is the growth that I’ve seen in you over these 2 years. Go get it, girl!

 Life has been treating me well with all the love I’ve been getting from my friends amongst so much negativity and activity. Or should I say, I have been making life treat me well? Positivity is everything, and things can only be as bad as you make them out to be. 🙂


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