86 | Coal

We haven’t had a class outing in a long while, and I’m glad this came through. Big budget barbeque + 02’s antics + cooperation = a whale of a time! From ingredient shopping to starting the fire to cooking, it was all such a huge blast. 🙂


Starting the fire. Behind us the fire was growing bigger and did on a few times get rather out of control. I start fires for most of the barbeques I go to (and I absolutely hate it when people nag beside me saying I should do it this or that way) but this had one of the hugest ones I’d seen!


The usual gang.


Janice and I haven’t had a shot together since forever. Going to keep this one cos we both don’t look too shabby here!


This one’s a quickie before I head to off for a holiday in 3 hours. It’s going to be really quiet. I’m taking it as a “writing retreat” where I just write without the interruptions of dramas, schoolwork, translation or Korean. I’m behind on a playlet and I’ve got some poems to work on so.. step on it Chels. Let’s get this going.


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