84 | Baboons





Made my first trip to the zoo in a few years a few weeks back when I attended an event. Lijie and I toured the entire zoo together during those 3 measly hours I had to spare, and one hour was spent walking in a drizzle trying to be cheerful. Oh well.

The zoo hasn’t changed much from when I last saw it, but the sight of the lions, giraffes and polar bear just takes my breath away. No wonder there, since they’re some of my favourite animals, but what really shocked me was how much time I spent at the baboon enclosure with Bjorn and Lijie just chuckling at their antics, taking photos (to make memes of) and listening to the guys crack crude jokes.

Ah, wonderful days. It’s nice to think (or be deluded) that in a  week or so I’ll have such free time again.




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