82 | Winter in SG



If you’ve never set eyes on someone else who was as happy to be standing in the sweltering Singapore sun, it’s because they didn’t spend 6 hours in a freezing Kbox. Seriously though, if you ever want to experience being frozen, try Kbox.

In the span of one week, I spent eight hours in Kbox, 2 hours with Cynthia at Bugis Ksuites and six with my family at Jurong SAFRA’s branch on Labour Day. And simply because I couldn’t find any information on this – if you are a Sodagreen fan and plan to go to Kbox, they have a large selection of Sodagreen! This includes recent releases from the 秋:故事 album and old goodies like 空气中的视听与幻觉,频率 and 迟到千年. So, grab a bunch of your friends (order honey lemon because singing in falsetto is no joke) and plow your way through the entire list of Sodagreen songs!

Now that that’s ticked off my bucket list, Sodagreen AIR 2014 I am coming!


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