77 | Maiden Voyage

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Throwback: 31 March, 2014

Made my virgin trip to Tampines after 18 years of existence (and this time it wasn’t because I mistook 67 for a loop service) and headed to IKEA with Cynthia. IKEA is a relatively dangerous place to unleash me, especially when I am overly optimistic about my ability to organize and stay organized. It’s just kind of hazardous, really, and I emerged from IKEA with $47 complete with a nylon IKEA bag, at which Mummy gasped and very politely asked, “What did you buy?” which really means “I’m reconsidering your pocket money.”

Turns out I spent $5 on a tinted glass jar with 6 stalks of daisies, a baby pillow and a set of baby mattress with pillow cases for my study chair (so resourceful hor?) as well as a few other knick-knacks. Also had my fill of poached salmon which I’d been craving for ages, and had my first try of the famous fifty-cent cones.

In short, I cheated. I tiptoed around Tampines’ borders, but I’ll be back (when I have 4 hours to spare for the journey to and fro).


PS: In other news, I spent my entire holiday basically trawling everywhere for makeup storage solutions, a black designer crossbody bag and a stylish reliable backpack. It’s hopeless as of now. Help me out!


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