75 | Breakfast Bully

Sauntering on from my previous update: it still hasn’t been a very happy week. Yes, positivity preachers, I hear you, but there are just some days that must happen to you for you to realize the value of glory days and cherish the coming joys.

Today was a welcome break from the humdrum of life in general – visited Nook, a pancake place that I’ve been wanting to go to for the longest time, with Jean. 🙂

I definitely couldn’t resist writing and drawing some things –



IMG_4776 IMG_4779

From this you can surmise that I am 1) a Sodagreen fan 蘇打粉 2) bunny-lover 3) a card game lover.

On hindsight I ought to also have drawn a mahjong tile, popcorn, an iPod, pen & paper, as well as some hangul to complete my list of hobbies.


With my Rayban Cockpit sunnies.



Mandatory shot w/ the selfie queen. 

I find it a little strange how whenever we’re out together, we never really talk. We sit in comfortable silence, banter when there is an occasion to and more often than not, just eat or chill together. She also maintained that she “is close to me and thus doesn’t have to reply” to my messages, in other words, justifying her Ice Queen ability to end conversations promptly. Oh, who shall ever replace my very own Audrey Hepburn? 🙂


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