TAG: Top 10 K-pop Biases/Someone You’d Like To Meet

Hello sunshines!

I’m currently in the process of giving my blog a makeover/reorganization. Meanwhile, this space will be used for IG tags/Blogtember posts, so don’t miss out on those!

I decided to keep my Instagram solely for pictures that I took myself, therefore all posts with curated pictures won’t be up there and will be here instead. If you’ve been following my 30 Day Live For Tomorrow Challenge, you’ll see some days where I will be forced to post here!

This is a mashup of two tags: 30DayLFTChallenge’s Someone You’d Like to Meet and the Top 10 Kpop Bias tag.


I am personally quite proud of this editing hahaha.

Anyway, lest you all think me as superficial, there are more people that I’d like to meet, including Lee Kuan Yew & Ban Ki Moon. However, I’m just mashing those two tags together and posting on it 🙂

Introducing the 10 handsome men above: (clockwise)

1. Xiah Kim Junsu (JYJ of TVXQ)
2. Kwon Jiyong (GD)
3. Shin Hyesung (Shinhwa)
4. N (VIXX)
5. Park Yoochun (JYJ of TVXQ)
6. Jung Yunho (TVXQ)
7. Shim Changmin (TVXQ)
8. Roy Kim
9. Taeyang (BIGBANG)
10. Kim Jaejoong (JYJ of TVXQ)

Please note that only the top 2 are ranked. The rest are simply jumbled up.

From this list it is probably quite clear that I’ve been a Cassiopeian. In fact, I’ve been a Cassie since 2008 which makes it five years now. Woah there. That’s quite a good long while!

I started with Changmin as my bias but I think somehow throughout the course of your fandom you tend to gravitate towards the one who most calls to you. For me that was Junsu and I have since never looked back. I love all the five boys of course, but I think Junsu is my favourite one of all. Also, just to clarify once and for all, I basically am an everything stan, I just support the boys in any way I can. So any of you batshit crazy stans who just want to see the fandom go down in flames please buzz off! My favourite track from them.. hmm. There’s You’re My Melody, Flower Lady, Wrong Number, Insa, Holding Back The Tears, Like a Soap, The Boy’s Letter, etc. There’s a lot of tracks from IN HEAVEN that I like but not so much from CATCH ME or TONE. Of course their old performances are to-die-for as well – Love In The Ice, Why Did I Fall In Love With You, Wasurenaide, Taxi, all these are favourites of the fandom. Sidenote: I still can’t watch Wasurenaide without crying. Four years after the lawsuit began. Sigh.

I became a Changjo back when Shinhwa came back. I mean before that it was just kind of like they were extinct. There was no news about them. Then they came back with Venus and Andy caught my eye. I still like him for being dorky, but Hyesung in the end was the little prince who won my heart 🙂 My favourite track from them so far has to be This Love because the choreography is just breathtaking. Unfortunately they’re not always blessed with the best cameramen and some just don’t know how to film the choreography well. I think their performance at Chinese Idol was filmed really well tho!

It’s not that I like the group of every single idol here though. I like GD as a standalone artist, Taeyang as well. As Big Bang, I appreciate their music, but I won’t be buying tickets for their concert the way I did for GD. I think GD is for me an outlier, an anomaly. In K-pop there’s a lot of being forced into moulds, and GD makes the moulds. He’s a crazy talented composer, lyricist, rapper, singer and a fashionista. I think his passion, drive and dedication inspires me. He seems to be so different on and off stage – he’s quiet and composed backstage but on stage he’s a riot. I am so addicted to him! As for Taeyang – well, he’s another one. He’s all religious and sweet offstage but on stage he’s a walking fire.

All these are all old warriors except VIXX, of which my favourite is N (and Ravi, but top 10 is top 10!) because a quick google of him shows just how talented a dancer he is. As compared to the rest he probably isn’t much right now, but I think he’s a fantastic leader and he’s an all-rounded idol, with the potential to be something big. Perhaps he’ll walk in Yunho’s footsteps?

The only solo artist here is Roy Kim, and who can resist his voice? His mellow, warm voice just seems to encapsulate emotions so well, and ever since October Rain I don’t believe I’ve really turned back. Passing By was a another great hit of his on my iPod, despite me not liking his newest Bom Bom Bom because once is already enough repetition for me. That song was annoying, but the rest of his repertoire is fantastic by my grading.




I hope you enjoyed this post and please do credit back here if you take out the image!


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