55 | Seven Weeks.


I am f r e e.


PS: All the photos on this blog are not the same as the ones on my Instagram or my Facebook. The assumption here is that you are connected to me on all three platforms (including my twitter) so have a look around. It’s not called stalking if it’s information made public.


We concluded our third and final paper today – it was accounts on Monday, econs on Wed and statistics today. The rest – management, business communications, and general education were all presentation modules. Yes, that’s all the modules I do well in, the rest are kind of a get-lucky thing.

I think the most classic moment was when we finished Business Comms presentation last Wednesday. My lecturer said our group had the most orchestrated presentation, and in his words it was “almost theatrical”. Now being the goody-two-shoes I am I was busy editing photos on my phone and wasn’t listening until I heard my classmates say, “… Chelsea!” I looked up in shock as they all tried to tell me what had just gone on and apparently I was told I had the “Who, me?” look on my face! Epic, epic.

Now I really hate being restricted, and I don’t know how I survived my GCSE O’s because I was practically jailed during that time (of my own free will, har har) and this time, I felt cooped up and suffocated as usual. Honestly, it wasn’t because I worked extraordinarily hard or anything. I started revising the weekend of the exams, or in the case of stats, the night before. Now y’all don’t wanna be procrastinators like me especially if you’re in JC but I think this has taught me that if I wanna enjoy I’ve got to put in the work on a weekly basis instead of rushing tutorials as I’ve been doing for the last semester. Or not really rushing, just.. copying answers. Does not work okay.

BUT that chapter has been closed and this marks the beginning of a seven-week holiday in which I have absolutely no homework to do. Oh joy!


Began the the first of my (hopefully) numerous shopping trips & outings with 7 girls – Claudia (that’s her above!), Janice, Syahirah, Carol, Iffah, Cynthia, Taopang! Headed to JEM after the paper and had Pastamania before shopping. I’m glad Stradivarius opened in JEM, I really like their stuff. It’s getting harder and harder to find clothes that I like and perhaps I have too many clothes (and just as much makeup) so I guess I shall have to clear up or move out soon!

Right, that leads me to my topic for today, my bucket list for the holidays. I feel the need to make a list before it whizzes by me without me noticing again.

  1. Top priority of course goes to my writing. I need to get all my poems & plays out asap because I am terribly behind schedule!
  2. Clear out my wardrobe and makeup stash which is, really, quite overloaded. 😦
  3. Shop, drink coffee and enjoy life.
  4. Study whatever the hell I want. Which includes unrelated things like political science, psychology, ethnic minorities, etc. Whatever obsesses me at that point of time, really.
  5. Get my languages sorted!! (more on this later)
  6. Meet up with all my friends whom I haven’t had a chance to see in a while (Noel Ku I’m looking directly at you)
  7. Chase all the dramas & variety shows/singing competitions I want to. (more on this too)

I think 7 is a pretty good number to begin with. 🙂

Recently I’ve realized how badly my language has deteriorated. It’s not just my Chinese, it’s my English too. My Chinese I can understand, I’ve not been using it much and with no one to correct me it’s just harder to form my sentences the right way. English comes as a surprise but it’s true, when I’m so focused on schoolwork, I rarely have the time to phrase my sentences eloquently the way I did in high school. I am very unwilling to let any one of my languages slip away because if not for languages I have no other saving virtue. Especially my English, I mean, what will I do with my writing? The thought of leaving any language behind terrifies me. Also, I need to sort out my Cantonese (get the pronounciation right) and Korean as well. If anyone knows of good sites to pick up Cantonese, do let me know! My Korean is improving every week and I’m a little comforted by that, haha. I also want to get on with memorizing the Tibetan alphabet and consider learning a fifth language – any recommendations?

Part of the reason why I’ve been so obsessed with Tibet recently is because of Chinese Idol. The ethnic minorities of China first captured my attention when there was an episode where they grouped together and sung. I had that on loop for weeks, I kid you not. I’ve always been into unique music, and tribal/ethnic-flavoured music suits me just fine. All of you, go catch Chinese Idol! It’s coming to the finals soon and I can’t wait to know who’ll win! I’m rooting for 阿来 (Aray) and 央吉玛 (Yanggiema) but that’s just me. 🙂 Let me know who you support!

Other than chasing Chinese Idol, I’ve also been really taken with a few dramas lately. I’ve been relooking Moon That Embraces The Sun (because who can get over Kim Soo Hyun’s character – no, not a fan of him – and Han Ga In herself?) as well as L’Escargot. New dramas include My Bittersweet Life even though I’ve been furious at the last few episodes where all the characters are one-dimensional. You see, the mother is perpetually weeping. Bitchy daughter goes around being a bitch, never smiles. Dad is busy pacifying everyone. Then there is this bimbo (or hiao) character who goes around spreading the news and being a complete whiny princessy thing. I can’t stand her, every time a scene comes up with her I just kinda wanna bury my head in my hands and tide it over. Just gross. 

Before I end off, I’m going to announce a manhunt. Or lipstick hunt. Yes, if any of you girlfriends come across a Revlon shelf anywhere on this island, please have a look at the Revlon Lip Butter section for a lipstick called Juicy Papaya. Here’s my story:

One morning, I went to Watsons, saw this lipstick (a shelf full) and I thought it was a really pretty colour. Came home to google for swatches, decided it was so pretty that I had to have it that very day. I went back in the evening. Aaaaaand, TADAH. The entire shelf is gone.

Since then I’ve not seen a single tube anywhere. The closest I’ve come to it is testers in John Little/Robinsons and I really want this lipstick. I don’t buy that it’s out of stock, it just vanished off the shelves. If any of you see it, please just buy it for me and drop me a text! 🙂


Ending off with a picture of my gem, Janice and I. If you’re wondering what she’s doing, she’s hiding her waterbottle behind her back.

Till the next time,



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