53 | Weird Things I’ve Spoken About


Here’s some good press for my girlfriend Jan Jan! 

With 2/3 of presentations over, I can finally heave a huge sigh of relief and plod plod plod on with revision, my playwriting and the last presentation. I am finally beyond giving a shit helping people who not only don’t appreciate me, but even take my efforts for granted and go backwards on them. Like, are you for real? My work is never substandard. If you’re going to do this whole “I’m better than you” thing, then rest assured I am not going to give you the extra mile any more. 🙂

Digressing from such antics, I realized that my conversations have become weirder and weirder recently. With Janice that day, we were discussing do and do nots during the seventh month. As you all know I am a scaredy-cat and I am morbidly afraid of the dark as well. Clearly we both freaked each other out (I was more freaked out than she was) and now I am bordering on mild paranoia, pinning up my fringe and all that. Grrr.


Finally! W/ homegirl Tina at Kbox & Ci Gusta today.

Today Tina & I were discussing phones. Sounds normal, until I realized we were waxing nostalgia over old phones we used to love. I used to own the Nokia 5310, which I conveniently donated to a taxi driver in Beijing in 2008. Later, I changed to a Sony Ericsson W995, which.. let’s not even talk about what happened to it. It dropped in.. water. And it died. Or rather I was too grossed out to ever use it again. Then I began hopping around phones like the Huawei I had which drove me up the wall before going to Nokia Lumia 800, which I do still love to bits. I have an iPhone 5 now but I had such a hard time leaving my Lumia. I know it’s ridiculous that I am being all melo over a piece of metal but hey, some phones are really worth it!

I have never been one to use phones for lots of apps. My main purpose would only be to text, call, and now Whatsapp and snap selcas as well. I really like capturing moments here and there, which is part of the reason why I left my Lumia (no front camera, terrible back camera) and came over to iPhone instead. For some reason, the iPhone’s picture capturing is so fantastic that I’ve been happily snapping away for the short week that I’ve had the phone. It’s really wonderful, I mean, look at the colours above. Granted, it’s been edited with one filter each but just look at the richness of colour, lighting and detail. You do not get such things with a Lumia, even though it’s also 8MP. I have no idea why, but the iPhone trumps all in terms of camera and phototaking capabilities!

Another thing I look out for in phones is texting interface. In both the W995 and Lumia, I loved the fonts they used to text, as well as the smileys. When texting is a nice experience, you can’t help but use your phone compulsively and you actually enjoy it. For the money I pay, I daresay I am justified in demanding more than just being able to send out messages and call, right? On the Lumia especially, the keyboard is amazing. It has such small alphabets but somehow my fingers fit comfortably over the phone. I think maybe, just maybe, this phone was made for me. Who knows, right?

Both my W995 and Lumia were very durable. They’ve both been through rather crazy experiences, with the W995 dropping into.. water, and still coming out functioning fine after drying. The Lumia has been thrown across classrooms, dropped from second floor, dropped into water and semi-boiled, etc. It’s STILL functioning fine. The Gorilla Glass screen is amazing, scratch-proof and has given me peace of mind like no other phone has. It has a solid feeling to it as well – people say the Lumia is heavy, but once you get used to it, the weight is actually reassuring. The only defect I had on the phone at the end of 2 years other than the software not being updated was the charging cover being unable to close as a result of a dent. One dent. After so many incidences in two years. Now that is the true Nokia spirit. In contrast, I feel my heart crack a little every time I drop my iPhone. I kind of scoff on the inside every time I drop my iPhone because after using a Nokia for so long you kind of think your phone is indestructible in comparison to the rest of the phones on the market. So I’d be going all, “Hah, so much for all the hype around you, you still lose to my lovely Nokia” until I realize it’s roughly SGD 800 worth of metal I’m dropping on the floor.

In closure I’d just like to ask if anyone is interested in manufacturing a phone with Nokia’s Window interface and exterior with Apple’s app market and camera functions? Because I’m sure it’d be a hit the whole world round. 😉 This is how I shall make my millions.


2 thoughts on “53 | Weird Things I’ve Spoken About

  1. Hey Chelsea, in my opinion a phone like that wouldn’t really be outstanding. Although I like the fresh look of the Windows Phone interface, it’s still a bugger to manoeuvre around as compared to Android and iOS.

    For a perfect mobile operating system I’d combine elements of Android and iOS, specifically android’s customisability and iOS’s ease of use.

    IMO I don’t really see any pluses for the design of Lumia phones, they look fine to me. An outstanding design I’d say comes from the HTC One. It’s even better than the iPhone 5 I reckon, having a sexy aluminium build. And a plastic build for a high end phone just doesn’t cut it for me(Samsung, hello!!).

    However it’s an interesting concept, although I feel consumers will most likely not be sold with the Windows Phone OS. Only time will tell.

    Cheers, Stanley.

    • Hey man!

      I didn’t know you read my blog. Welcome, mortal!

      As usual this all boils down to weird preferences of mine. I really dislike the Android’s customizing ‘benefits’ because 1. I don’t use these customizations and 2. I feel these introduce more glitches to the OS what with people trying to skirt their way around the phone’s usual operations. Therefore, I prefer sleeker, cleaner layouts. I especially like the Windows one – how sexy is it!

      Yes, I do feel that aluminium builds are especially pretty, but I like the solid feel of the Lumia 800 as compared to the current iPhone 5. Plus, have you seen the damage my Nokia has lived thru? It’s a survivor! I actually really wish I could have that assurance with Apple as well.

      Again, I am truthfully very Nokia-biased. 😛 But thank you for your readership anyhow!

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