40 | Campfires and the Dancefloor.

65673_10151501755004123_225006221_n  As you all probably already know, I’ve been leading in South View’s P5 Camps for 6 years now. I can still remember my first camp (where I got shouted at by Mr Yap for being stuck on the broken bridge for 1/2 an hour), when kayaking was still allowed and I met Rachel & Oliver. 🙂 That was waaaaay back, in.. 2006?! Oh man, I’m getting old! That was also the year I got to know Jianliang & Sellick, and we moved on as leaders. Over the years, we’ve amassed more and more senior leaders and we’ve seen more than 1000 campers through their P5 camps. I hope they all learnt much, but I must say, every year I go back I learn more just by dealing with kids. 🙂


Leader’s chalet! From left (top): Shiqi, Jeanette, Amirul, Brent, Jianliang. Bottom row (left): Rachel, Jadis, me, Sellick, Syadee.


Myself, Jeanette and my sis & friend of 9 years Rachel. 🙂


Mrs Lim-Goh, my badminton teacher who’s seen me through badminton since P2!


I didn’t realize I had twins in Cygnus until I began noticing that two boys looked really similar..


Amirul, senior camp leader & camp commandant! Big boss 🙂


I’m not kidding when I say Rachel made me take this picture while we were on stage in front of the campers.


  Also, in the few weeks that I haven’t updated, other major events have also come and gone.. namely, the DHRMP Dinner & Dance!


With Claudia & Patsy.. and Carol’s fedora! So tempted to get one too!


Kaiyang and Ian! 🙂


Hell yeah it’s 02.

In all honesty I feel like coming to poly was one of the best choices I could’ve made given my temperament, results and circumstances. I need freedom. I know it sounds super juvenile but it was during O’s that I realized that I can’t take it – the stress, the cooped up environment. I need to be able to make my own decisions on an everyday basis. In saying so poly really does give you a lot of freedom. If you don’t want to go overseas for immersion trips so be it. If you don’t wanna attend class, so be it. If you want to flunk your way through poly, so be it. Opportunities are strewn everywhere for you to pick up. It’s your choice which you’ll pick up. You decide where you want to go, where you wanna be, where you want poly to take you. I enjoy, no, I relish having the privilege of deciding.

The results of having this freedom are very apparent – you see me working harder at my studies than I ever have without having anyone push me, I juggle my CCAs and external commitments, and most importantly, I am happy. I am learning every day; academics aside, I learn a lot abut social dynamics, etiquette, and having such a diverse group of friends is just really useful in every situation. 02 makes every single day bearable, enjoyable even, with fun, laughter and bonding. I come home from school dead tired but happy everyday and I have no regrets at all.


Clockwise: Russell, Syahirah, me, Carol, Cynthia, Weiyong. Taken before Stats Lecture.


Iffah and I! ♥ Taken during Stats Lab.

From the time at which these photos were taken it should be quite clear that I really dislike Stats! Haha! I’m just not a numbers person.


What touched me the most this week is probably the realization that I do have really good friends. These friends support me when I’m so tired I can barely talk, they assure me when I’m doubtful and when I’m heartbroken they’re there to watch over me. Yet they don’t indulge me when I do or say stupid things. A lot of them are older than I am, but it makes no difference – one thing about them is that they never use age as an excuse for what I do. They expect competency and maturity out of me, and the faith they put in me just leaves me speechless. How they could ever take a gamble on me like that I’ll never know, but I am extra grateful for them this week, just because.




Next two weeks are a bit of a strain though.. I’ll need strength, wisdom and courage to pull through! Let’s gooooo! ^.^


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