38 | So.

Cr: aplaceforart

So South View gave me the opportunities.

Then Nanhua gave me the values.

 Then SP gives me the exposure.

 Then I go into university, complete my studies.

 Do a post-grad/bachelor.

 Get a job.

 Start my own social enterprise, if possible.

 Dabble with people or languages all my life.

 Marry the man I love, have kids.

 Raise kids.

 Serve the community.


 Enjoy life.

 Then I die.

It’s all so pointless. Unless I make everyday meaningful, there’s no point in me going through so much to get to.. death?

Unless I live every day endeavouring to enrich the world, to touch someone’s life, to be who I really am and thus be a masterpiece, then I have pretty much lived in vain.

Just gotta remember that most times it’s the day-to-day efforts that make the most change in the long run.



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