34 | The Energy Excess.

I am crazy, crazy tired.

Basically the past week has been a flurry of activities: running from meetings to camp to theatre to camp to school. Phew.

Three hours of sleep in total over a period of 3 days left me with muscle fatigue and basically knots everywhere. This should be a legit medical reason to get a wheelchair because stairs and standing up are torture right now. I have knots diagonally above my kneecap and it hurts like you wouldn’t believe.

There was ever a point in these three days that I thought to myself, if I continue living on like this, I’ll die early. My next thought was: but I’ll die happy.

For me, that’s more than enough. Living a live that I myself can call worthwhile is worth any price to pay. 🙂


Attended camp on Friday at 2PM and helped to cut up aluminium foils for field cooking and had some time with Cygnus before rushing home and cabbing down to Esplanade Theatre Studio to catch Salute to Pao Kun 向宝崑致敬 . It was fundamentally an eye-opener, with four directors from Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. The rules of the production: two chairs, one table. Two performers. Three stage light effects. All loosely based on Lao Jiu 老九, one of Kuo Pao Kun’s most acclaimed plays. To cut a long story short, the production gave me a lot of insight into not just 老九 but all of Kuo Pao Kun’s plays. The directors all did a very good job with each presenting a vastly different piece featuring elements of Chinese culture: Cantonese opera, puppetry, cross-talk. It was performed in Mandarin and Cantonese (the Cantonese especially was a nice touch) and it made me realize one thing – that I really love cultural arts. Not just because being in Nanhua exposed me to so much Chinese culture, but more of that it made me aware of what it really was and now I’m just breaking the boundary and crossing over to Chinese theatre. English might be my first language but it just doesn’t capture the intricacies that Mandarin does. Woah-ho.


Had TYC the next day and wow, what can I say. I leave after every lesson beaming like a fool. I remember texting Liansheng telling him how happy I was. It’s so difficult to find a community of writers with such dynamics. Free comments, free workshopping of your work, people understanding your difficulty.. wow. This week I especially loved Fangda’s writing, I laughed so hard while reading it that I think the rest might’ve been irritated but it was just so hilarious and borderline farcical!

One thing about theatre class and theatre in general is that I love how alive it makes me feel. Might seem superficial to some, but I love theatre for the same reason that I love poetry, translation and Korean rap. It’s the language, all its intricacies and how it’s just so magical to me. I can’t even express it (which is saying a lot) but it’s something I can really appreciate. 🙂 I guess it’s something that I’m not exceedingly good at but I’m sure that it will not be something I give up on.

Left for food before heading back to camp after that.


Camp was basically spent in preparation for campfire and I still think my leadership although somewhat improved, is still somewhat stagnant. I don’t have that X-factor. Just gonna have to flow with it next camp! 🙂


My super awesome possum Senior Leaders! ♥

First day of school’s tomorrow. Hey we gonna kick you out the window~


One thought on “34 | The Energy Excess.

  1. Girl, you’re more special than what you think you are. What i love most of you is the way you handle the kids. You perform regard less . No acting, no boosting. Just plain, old heartfelt leadership and care.

    This is you X-factor dear. Keep doing what you do best: Being Awesome.

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