29 | Respect.

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Was kinda afraid to even write this at first, but I have to get this off my back!!

Recently, a certain spate of events made me realize just how important respect is in a relationship – any relationship. 

I never really took note of ‘respect’. It was and still is being overused everywhere. Not necessarily misused, mind you, but just so overused that it takes the impact out of a word.

Until a friend showed me what respect was, and why it’s so important.

This might not be morally or politically correct, but sod off. This is my blog.

He never ever treated me like I was worse than he was. Even though he’s older, even though he probably has experienced more than I have, and gone through more than I have, he has never used that and dissed me in my face.

Instead, when I don’t understand something, or am trying to get through a rough spot, I can count on him to be there with comforting words. The best part is that, he uses his experience to guide me through it. I mean, that’s what friends are for, right? Not to pull each other down, but to build each other up. He hasn’t been in my life very long, and we don’t know each other super well, but the kindness and love he’s shown to me far supersedes some of the older friends. That just goes to show that it isn’t how much time you spent with each other, it’s about how much effort you spend in building that connection.

With him I almost never really feel like I am inferior, or superior to him. It’s exchanges of knowledge, not showing who is better off, or worse off. He is just who he is, and I am who I am, and I know that he respects me. 🙂 As an added bonus, I think he’s one of the friends whom I connect on on many levels, not just because of common topics, but also because we both are constantly looking at ways to improve and encourage each other to do just that. Our friendship has become somewhat of sacred grounds – no judgment and no tearing down of each other. It’s just a safe zone where I can grow, learn and mature. And it’s so rare, and precious! I’m glad to have found a friend like him. Super, super glad. :’)

And it’s exactly because of him that I’m very aware now of how important respect is, and because of him, my attitude towards people has changed.




So, to that special friend. No matter what happens in the future, you know that you have left your legacy and shaped my life, made me a better person. Thank you. ♥


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