23 | 22 Ways To Make Me Fall in Love With You

(cr: x)

  1. Be protective, because what’s yours can easily be stolen by force.
  2. Go on a wild goose chase for Chef Tony’s popcorn, or to the theatres with me at 12MN  just to buy a box of popcorn. Never underestimate the power of popcorn on me.
  3. Recognize that a clean house, paid bills and chicken (CHICKEN!) will be more appreciated than chocolates, teddy bears and roses on Valentine’s day.
  4. Give special pieces of your heart to the woman with the haunted look in her eyes, the homeless man on the street corner, the whimpering cat by the rubbish chute. Try not to judge them before you know their story. Offer love where it is not necessarily prescribed.
  5. Sing in the car, on the streets, by the beach, whereever the tune takes you.
  6. Tell me about the things that make you you, about the things that you’re afraid to show, and about the things you don’t know how I’ll respond to. Don’t hide yourself in guessing games and battles of will. Be who you are, and you will see love accorded to it.
  7. Take me shopping, and be the one to suggest outfits and styles. You don’t have to pay.
  8. Indulge me in deep, thinking conversations about human nature, psychology, ambitions, the future, and the concept of infinity.
  9. Be gentle with children. Know that these are the gems of my heart, and that just as I do not condone child abuse, I do not condone spoiling a child either. Treat a child with respect and seek opportunities to tell them about moral lessons. Never roughhouse with a child.
  10. Drink on my behalf.
  11. Take long, whimsical walks with me along the longest streets and the most winding routes.
  12. Appreciate that sleeping without a soft comforter and a good bolster is almost impossible for me.
  13. Reflect on movies with me after we’ve watched them, and have an argument that is stronger than, “The fight scenes were really cool.”
  14. Show me how I am more special than the rest of the girls in the room.
  15. Know the gravity of emotions that a simple hug can convey. And know that no other mode of affection – words, kisses or cuddling – could ever do the same.
  16. Help me open the bottles, cans and packaging that I can’t on my own.
  17. Sunny good morning texts with a sweet message and liberal use of emoticons.
  18. Try to understand me just as I try to understand you – not just superficially, but asking and clarifying until you understand where I am coming from.
  19. Face issues with me, not on your own.
  20. Acknowledge that my priorities are the human factors in every situation, not the logic or reason.
  21. Be, at the very least, fitter than me.
  22. Realize that cherry-cola lollipops and dark chocolate is the last key to my heart.

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