21 | Gung Hei Fat Choi: 15 Days of CNY!


Chinese New Year this year has been wonderful (not because of the angpows.. but it’s been a bumper year) because of the visiting! Surprise surprise, I know my childhood friends will be shocked coz I never liked visiting but this year it’s changed!! 🙂 Family can truly never be replaced!



This was taken before the food was placed on the table. Doesn’t look appetizing right? Look again.


A feast for five!

This was part of the celebration for my great-grandmother, who turned 102 this year! 🙂 She’s still alert and can be quite fierce: she’ll claw and kick you if you happen to cross her. But she can be quite cute sometimes, especially when she lunges for food on the table or pinches my cheeks and won’t let go. She’s cute. :>
There was so much meat that I couldn’t stop eating! From my first bite, I attacked the chicken until I cleaned off half the plate before moving on to the beef, carrots and fishballs. 🙂 Was a very filling dinner indeed. I love steamboats because it’s way healthier than teppanyaki and it’s so easy to have fun cooking together as a family too. Fuss-free enjoyment!



Set off for 婆婆’s house first, where we spent time horsing around and just when everyone got comfortable, we left 😦 We later went to Ahma’s house, where I saw the most amazing sight of my CNY.


Yes, it’s a real chicken. Yes, it’s in Singapore. And yes, it was in a HDB area.

It was raining so heavily, and the chicken was drenched through and through, so maybe this is the authentic 落汤鸡! Hehe. Also, it might have caught a cold.. bird flu? o_O

I met my crazy lil’ furkid! She went completely bonkers from the moment I stepped in and she followed me around the house. Such a lovely girl!

happy furkid

That’s her begging to be hugged. ♥


My father’s cousins came to visit and made the house very cheery indeed 🙂 My great grandma, who turned 102 this year, was exceptionally cute that day and really warmed up to the crowd. Guess the festive mood hits everyone regardless of age, huh?



Outfit of the day! Didn’t dare to wear this dress until that day 🙂 

Right, the acquaintances aren’t mine, they’re my mom’s. We set off for Auntie Caixia’s place earlier in the morning, and we met Aunty Jenny there. Both are old friends of my mom’s and watched me grow up. What interested me most probably was the talk about fengshui and the memories they talked about: which brings me to my point, I love it when there’s sharing of knowledge or just recollections of the past! There’s so much to be gained from talking and being social, I don’t understand why people would just sit in a corner and quietly fiddle with their gadgets. Can’t you do that at a more appropriate time?

Apparently, I used to be terribly afraid of Aunty Caixia’s bridal shop when I was young. And I’d force my grandma to take long detours just to avoid even seeing the shop. Wonderful brat I was!


Aunty Caixia’s condo @ The Quartz.

After that, we set off for Elaine jie’s house. 🙂 In case y’all didn’t know, I am an only child but I have a huge extended family.. or at least, I consider them to be. That’s my godfamily. 🙂 They’re a wonderful, warm, bonded bunch of people and I love love just being around them during the festive seasons because it really feels like home with them. :’) But there’s some gap because I’m neither in the younger age range nor in the older age range, so I’m kind of in the middle of nowhere.. but I do my best to mingle.

On the way there, I spotted kites in the sky and immediately asked my dad to specially detour for me to get a clear pic!

octopus kites

So beautiful, right? Those are octopus kites! There’s a stingray one at the bottom right corner as well. Ever since I saw the lighted LED kites while I was out with Wilson a few weeks back, I have come to realize that I really LOVE looking at elaborate kites. There’s just something amazing about looking up into the sky and seeing the really intricate silhouette of a kite.

We had steamboat at Elaine jie’s house, and there was plenty of jokes over dinner and it seriously left me wanting to hang around for as long as I could. I love going over to their place, I can’t stress it enough! We then went to play Old Maid where by some stroke of luck I escaped Old Maid three times, and then the moment I boasted about it, karma bit me. -_- It was fun though, it’s the bonding over games that counts, not just the wins or the losses. Played Blackjack after that and won 150% :] Small bets, but again it’s the family that counts! The feeling of togetherness just made me feel very very loved among them. 🙂 Will be looking forward to our next gathering!

On the way back, we saw lighted LED kites!

lighted kites


Right, after seeing my mom’s best friend (my maternal Godma & Godpa), I went to visit my Dad’s best friend (my paternal Godpa) and we met my paternal Godma! Haven’t seen her in ages so I totally didn’t recognize her. I recognized Godpa though, he’s just as I remember him – humourous, warm, friendly and amiable. It’s easy to love someone like him! We went to Uncle Fai’s house (Godpa’s brother, am I confusing y’all?) and had dinner there. Watched Bosco Wong perform 将冰山劈开 on TV, at the TVB Viva Spectacular. I know I was there, but seriously, that song is just epic. Later, I watched 寒戰, an epic Hongkong police film. It was SO good and Aaron Kwok despite his age is still so buff and handsome. How does he do it, huh?

We had a great dinner with Cantonese dishes, and also had lao yu sheng. What a great CNY get-together!




After this CNY, I haven’t gained weight, neither have I won very big, but I think it’s really the people that made this CNY count. And also, I have resolved to pin down Cantonese (at least speaking) by the next CNY. I love the language! I’m beginning to see the point of the language-dialect debate now, and I do recognize it as a language. Although it has its roots in Chinese, its grammatical structure, writing form and sounds are completely different. C’mon, declare it as a deviant language already!

[EDIT: 15 FEB 2013]



Caught a movie alone today, for the first time, I LOVE HONGKONG 2013. It was kinda creepy, I went to GV Yishun to watch it and I got the corner seat of the back row. Kept imagining scary things behind me. But once the show came on, I got engrossed in.. Bosco Wong!

Bosco kinda looks like a Pokemon trainer.. no?

Somehow it didn’t matter that he had helmet hair and totally uncool specs and acted like a pushover. He still had that X-factor that kept me glued to the screen. Alright it’s a biased opinion, but the show was really good. Captured the essence of CNY, and pinned down the lessons I learnt this year: that family ties, and sentimental value, will and must always override money!

Caught the train down to Sembawang and hopped onto a shuttle bus to visit Elainn at her workplace. Brought her a can of coffee and was utterly disgusted at the Giant salesperson, who, when asked where to find the coffee, said, “Oh, it’s in front.” No shit Sherlock, I wouldn’t have asked if I could find it, right?

Met Jean for dinner at Just Acia afterwards and shopped around. Silly girl left her badminton racquet in Popular and we called Popular so many times only to encounter a busy line. The shop was pretty empty actually.. just saying.

Found Rachel @ Lot One and had supper with her. The usual craziness ensued.

It was a fruitful day~ 🙂

[EDIT: 21 FEB 2013]

初 I don’t know what already:IN BETWEEN!

Headed to MAJ Lim’s house to, erm, earn money. Yeah that’s the word 😉 Had a great game of Blackjack & In Between with Keeboon, Simchun, Weetiong & Javier. Seriously man, when you play In Between, you just cannot be greedy!

Till next time,
xoxo Chels


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