20 | Starhub TVB Golden Viva Spectacular


I’ve been busying myself with events over events in addition to my theatre work and Korean.

First heard of this TVB event on Twitter, and decided immediately that I’d like to go for it. Why? Bosco Wong.

I’ve been a huge TVB fan since young, and the dramas I’ve loved count in the tens. Of course I won’t be able to remember those from 2000, although I did watch those too! But here are my favourites drama by year:

2006: Forensic Heroes 1 (法證先鋒) – The best, and always will be!
2007: Heart of Greed (溏心風暴), Ten Brothers (十兄弟), Dicey Business (賭場風雲)
2008: Moonlight Resonance (溏心風暴之家好月圓), The Four (少年四大名捕)
2009: Beyond the Realm of Conscience (宮心計)
2010: Ghost Writer (蒲松齡), Life and Times of a Sentinel (紫禁驚雷)
2011: Relic of an Emissary (洪武三十二), Curse of the Royal Harem (萬凰之王), Lives of Omission (潛行狙擊)
2012: Witness Insecurity (護花危情), The Confidant (大太监), The Hippocratic Crush (On Call 36小時), L’escargot (缺宅男女)

Of course, of these I love love love the ancient shows, especially the ones with the costumes and all, but not so much of the modern-historic kind (1900s-1980s). It’s the palace intrigue ones! Of course, those that don’t include Palace Intrigue either has Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Him Law, or a really amazing storyline/great love-line.


Bosco Handsome Wong.


Kevin Leng Zai Cheng.

him law

Him Abs Law.

Of the actors and actresses I like, suffice it to say that Kevin Cheng, Him Law and Bosco Wong have topped the list for many, many years. Fala Chen is also an old favourite!

Thus the reason why I went for this was mainly because my current obsession is Witness Insecurity and I really really want to see Bosco! Who would pass up this chance, right?

At 6.30PM after a full day of shopping (with two huge, heavy bags), I headed towards the Esplanade where I found out to great shock that Nanhua Symphonic Band was having its concert there too! My mind immediately went into overdrive and seriously, the coincidences hit an epic high when Ridhwan (Ah Boys To Men) came and this schoolgirl in front of me shouted, “RIDHWAN!!! Where’s the rest?” and he replied, “Oh, they’re inside.” And immediately I was like, “Who? What? AH BOYS TO MEN????” I took a closer look at a nearby poster and realized that OMG yes they were performing! I only saw the TVB version of the poster as above and not the official one. Everyone should already know I am a huge fan of Ah Boys To Men (I support local talent la ok?) so I went crazy. Too many coincidences in one day!

Made friends with two other girls, Sonia and Zephania (cool names man) and we went in together. The queuing was insane, and the way they let us enter the venue was even worst. First they added suspense by allowing 2 busloads of unidentified queue-cutters to enter the venue. Then they opened ONE gate to allow the HUGE crowd to squeeze through. It ended up in much pushing, me being squashed against a gate and some irritating aunty shouting in my ear, “EH BRO!! We queue up two hours already leh!!” I dearly wanted to plant my palm in her face. I was there way earlier than her, she cut my queue, and she still complain! If this isn’t legit evidence that people can complain about everything and everything, what is?

Once we got in we got free lightsticks (after the event, a lot of aunties went around picking the lightsticks, don’t know why also) and we got a nice seat. There was a slight drizzle but thank goodness it didn’t go all thunderstorm on us like it was forecasted to. Cho-lam and the DJ got on stage and we began the night by.. acting like circus monkeys. That aside, Ah Boys To Men cast began by performing their CNY song:

and i completely love it!!

This is probably the only CNY song that I wouldn’t mind going on loop, not just because of the cast, but because the singing is just really good and it’s so catchy!

This guy called Alfred came up next and we all fell for his voice.

There were many more performances, but let’s focus on the one I came for – BOSCO! Leng zai leng zai! (pretty boy in Cantonese)

The moment he appeared there was frantic screaming on my side because the office ladies in front of me were his fans. Seriously, they were in heels and work wear and they were screaming louder and behaving crazier than I was! His fanclub also went mad because their chant of “/whistle whistle BOSCO” went completely hilter-kilter!

So at first he came on (he is SO handsome irl!) and performed a rock song, but what comes after that is the important part.

This song first crashed into my life when my uncle sang it and his rendition had me in stitches for the entire duration of the song. From then on this song became somewhat comic relief and “family song” for us, y’know. And Bosco sang it.

I went crazy because hey, this is just one too many coincidences! I’ll try to upload my fancams after editing and then you all can see the handsome suaveness that is Bosco Wong.

There was a cool laser show after that featuring Ron Ng and Kenneth Ma and I remember exchanging looks with Zeph and we were all completely mindblown because the guy was using laser lights like they were real rods.

During the curtain call, there was a point of time where Bosco whipped out tissues to wipe Ron’s sweat and the whole venue practically exploded in frantic fangirl screams. That was even louder than when he hugged the female DJ. From someone who comes from the “don’t-you-dare-touch-another-female” Kpop fandoms, this is amazing by a long shot.




In conclusion.. I think the event made me happy. I mean sometimes it’s not so much about the quality of the show (don’t get me wrong, it was pretty good) but it’s the happiness it brings you. It’s a rough patch for me now, and I need all the encouragement I can get! 🙂


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