TAG: Get Your Freak On.

Hey guys! 🙂

I was tagged by a youtube friend, and this tag is called Get Your Freak On and I first saw it on frmheadtotoe (Jen’s) channel. I thought it was kinda fun so I transcripted it and here it is!


1. Nicknames your family calls you?
Mun mun (canto for Min min) and Chels! Occasionally, sotong.

2. Weird habits?
I cannot live without baby wipes in my rooms. And also I cannot stand when the fan and aircon are on at the same time, so I’ll switch them off. When the aircon is on, the windows MUST be closed. My curtains are never ever drawn, unless a visitor complains, because I like sunlight. There’s also something about people putting wet things on my wooden table, eg wet tissues, bottles with ice cold water and its condensation, etc cos wood is easily destroyed like that (or so I believe).
3. Odd phobias?
I have this super intense fear of ants. I HATE to feel ants crawling on me/see it on my table. I also hate loose strands of hair on me especially when it’s wet and it clings to your fingers, makes me feel like I’m being tied.

4. Song you secretly love to blast/belt out when you are alone?
Songs that I cannot sing in public because I’ll be burnt at a stake, eg Someone Like You.

5. A biggest pet peeve?
When people keep whining to me about problems but don’t do anything to remedy the situation. It’s either you whine, then fix it, or live with it and don’t whine at all.

6. One of your nervous habits?
I will fidget and shake my legs A LOT, bite/tear at my nails. So typical, IKR.

7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
They say the men sleep closest to the door (is this true or not huh? For what? For easy escape? :O) so I sleep furthest from the door! In fact I huddle in a corner of a queen size bed.

8. Your first stuffed animal and its name?
Roger, he was a patchy camel/white dog! He had a brother called Dodger (found him somewhere after like three thousand years) and they look like complete opposites, Dodger is white with brown spots. But they look so similar too!! I’ve always regarded the pair as somewhat of a miracle cos I had Roger first but then I found Dodger in a box.. Okay this is getting draggy.

9. Drink you always order at Starbucks?
I used to like Caramel Frappe with Java Chip and then my obssesion with Mochie (Mocha Cookie Crumble) began, and since Starbucks betrayed me and decided to take it off the menu I’ve sworn onto something evergreen, the Java Chip Frappe. Yes, I am a Java chip addict.

10. Beauty rule you preach but don’t practise?
I always tell people to drink water, but unless I’m at home I’m usually too lazy to bring my bottle out or simply don’t fancy the idea of patronizing the public toilets, but in any case, it seriously clears out toxin and makes you glow so PLEASE DRINK WATER. 😀

11. Which way do you face in the shower?
The mirror because I am narcissistic like that.

12. Weird body skills?
My pinky on my left hand has 4 segments while the rest have 3.

13. What’s your favourite bad “comfort food”?
Popcorn. Because I always want to eat it but I psycho myself into thinking I’m already had enough food for one day and ought to lay off especially since i’m not exercising but it is my guilty pleasure and when I’m sad I’ll binge like MAD on popcorn. Oh and I love salty popcorn.

14. Phrase or exclamation you always say?
I find it so hilarious when people aren’t actively thinking about what they say and they state the obvious, so I just shoot them down with, “You don’t say” or “Captain Obvious”. Of course that makes it doubly funny when I’m the one doing it lah, so I’m not being vicious or anything. Oh and those who say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, I’ll have you repeat that when you watch stupid gag comedy shows.

15. Time to sleep, what are you actually wearing?
I HAVE A PJ ADDICTION. I will wear those cheap pasar malam dresses that you can find everywhere, with stupid prints like teddy bears, Barbie, etc. I LOVE THEM. Haha. Some of these have been in my wardrobe since I was 7 when it was a maxi, now it fits like a proper dress. Oh and I wear the most fugly leggings to sleep, I have fuzzy ones even. I also wear fluffy collared socks to sleep. And when I’m coughing, a scarf and if I’m in the mood, gloves. You see, I’m scared of the cold, and I like feeling cuddled. ^_^


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