14 | Proud to Be an Only Child.

Since I’ll be heading off for a cruise in a few days I thought I’d share something closer to my heart today 🙂

Many people know that I’m an only child, but that’s only after I told them. A lot of them associate being an only child with being spoilt, bossy and maladjusted. So maybe I should be glad I’m not the stereotypical only child? I’d say there are pros and cons of being an only child but this is only my own two-cents, so if you disagree, well, each to his own eh?

Firstly, the cons. Admittedly being an only child can be rather lonely at times. And if you don’t socialize outside it’s easy to end up talking to the computer/books at home alone. Also I realized that close to the end of P4 I realized that there was something very very different about me than my peers, being that I lacked social skills. I was being bossy, demanding, manipulating people, lying, and admittedly although it looked successful on the outside it really wasn’t pretty on the inside. These skills I probably might have learnt from interacting with other kids from a younger age, and I had to learn some other lessons the hard way as well. Being an only child means that I’m a little more accustomed to getting what I want since, well, there’s no competition at home right?

On the other hand there are pros as well. I’m very independent, and if I want something done I do it myself because there’s no one else I can ask if I need help with my parent’s presents or anything like that. So you learn to be self-sufficient. Also I’m used to being alone, eating, shopping or running errands on my own isn’t a problem any more. I’m also more outgoing and I gather this is because I conserve energy at home so I can blow it all away when I’m out socializing.

Also, when you’re an only child, you can get away with blasting music and belting out songs, having a messy room cos you don’t share, and having all the goodies in the house to yourself!

Then again, the loneliness is also yours to keep.

It’s a double-edged sword. 🙂


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