Right, so the boys have been planning this since the week before O’s.. and on that day, all the girls flew our kites! So I was left with the two of them on a mandate (seriously at one point I thought they were gonna sing love songs to each other) but I enjoyed myself. 🙂


Like a princess.

In the Flower Dome I didn’t expect it to be quite so.. cold. Yeah given how I hate tropical weather with its humidity. Even though Liow Boon Boon already told me it’s a greenhouse I was skeptical! Like how can plants be housed in such air-con environments? So quite clearly I don’t have green fingers.. But I was pleasantly surprised that I could enjoy the beauty of the flowers in such a chillaxed environment. Then again I am not a flowers person so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


The moment I stepped into Cloud Forest I was buffeted with a strong gust of mist and I immediately retreated behind the glass doors to finish my call. Good gracious. If I didn’t expect aircon temperatures I wouldn’t have expected it to be quite so cold. I was freezing! In the end my cardigan stayed on all the way through Cloud Forest because it was so, so cold. And Jon was talking about how Cloud Forest was 7 storeys tall and to be honest I was quite worried because I have a rather frigid fear of heights but turns out it was unfounded because I happily tromped all the way without getting the shakies!!

It was misty all the way through Cloud Forest.. 🙂

Again, I was rather enjoying the walk down and not so much of the plants.


This was added to our itinerary because we finished Flower Dome and Cloud Forest faster than expected and because I was all gung-ho after doing the seven storey and I thought I can conquer the Skyway as well. It was great! Because it was so high and I got such a picturesque view of Marina Bay I enjoyed this the most. It was quite shaky and much scarier than Cloud Forest but nonetheless I loved it (because I conquered it muahahaha).

All in all although I am not a plants person I must say that we really know how to make use of our limited land space and thus limited landmarks to create a skyline to be proud of! I can imagine foreigners in Chinooks flying above our sunny island wondering what those odd structures are.. I’m proud of Gardens by the Bay because it combines the idea of Singapore being a ‘garden city’ and Singaporean’s love for convenience and comfort (escalators and air-con) in one for a truly unique experience. Overall I really enjoyed myself!

On a sidenote, my Christmas wishlist is out and I don’t dare to post it here because nothing is below $60! And also because most of it is branded and I’m sure I’ll evoke some revolutionary feelings of dissent in my anti-fans (oh hello, I have fans!!) so I shall not cause them harm 🙂

Christmas is coming and I’m thinking of what to feature.. Maybe a 12 posts of Christmas? 🙂


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