11 | It’s The Holidays!


It’s been quite long since I came back with an update and I still have many many blog posts saved so here I am again!

My days after the exams have been spent in hectic bliss. I’ve been rushing around doing all sorts of crazy things I never had the chance to do since 2011. And also, because I’ve grown up from when I was in Sec 2, I’m doing many many more meaningful things! More on that later.

So.. exams ended on 16 Nov, but as some will know, as of the end of hell week, I was already celebrating! I cleared up my room, threw out every single textbook except Math & Bio (with a lot of vicious energy focused on ripping up my math tests) and hunting for a prom dress. Well, after sixteenth, it went into full blown craze mode! I went to watch God of Carnage with Jiatyan and honestly it rather disappointed me. :/ Wasn’t as funny as it was touted to be and I couldn’t find many lessons to learn from it as well. Maybe cos I’m not in the target audience? Hmm.

God of Carnage at DBS Arts House

I also attended SJL’s BBQ and I must say I enjoyed myself! Happy birthday SJL! 🙂


Mighty Midget and Alpacas 🙂

Then came Grad Day and Prom.

Grad Day was quite monumental for me coz my grandmother was there, and she brought me up. It was really quite good being on stage receiving my final accolade in Nanhua and then bowing to thank the teachers who instilled in me the moral values I needed to have, with ze lovely class of 410! Yup so thank you Nanhua 🙂

Not much to say about Prom except that Weiqi was nominated for Prom Queen! (Y) Love this girl to bits man she’s so sweet!

The rest of the days passed by very very quickly with huge amounts of shopping and money spent because I needed to renovate my room. So after packing my wardrobe and shopping at IKEA twice (and I mean going mad and lugging a cupboard home by bus) I finally have what I need! I even bought paints to paint my own drawers and rhinestones to bling my own stuff. I’ve always wanted a princess room and I’m making it come true. All the pink girly stuff and all. Phew!

Photo: Because i thought my room looked plain #1 #instagood #instafurniture #rhinestones #bling

When my mom saw this she promptly remarked, “Warranty no more liao..”

Iceskating with Weetiong & Jiaying

Orchard Central with Jean

The last photo really was quite remarkable cos.. I spent like $150 in a day. We were planning to go to Scape but it was raining when we were at Somerset so we walked to Orchard Central instead. The moment I walked in, guess what I found?

A pushcart selling Chef Tony’s at Orchard Central!

Those who don’t know, I am a popcorn monster. And Chef Tony’s is my aphrodisiac. Affordable and it’s sooooo good! So I happily bought 2 tubs of popcorn in Mochaschino and Dark Chocolate.

Headed to Editor’s Market, MIYOC, Tagstyle, where I got clothes (again). And you know what’s the best part? I went to Cozycot and got Rachel K. Pressed Powder at $15 at clearance sales! SO HAPPY! My old one shattered when it fell out of the car (don’t ask how) so I need something new to bring out and there it was! Sitting there, less than half its original price of $38 and IN MY SHADE. Can someone spell bliss?

I was a very very happy girl that day. For the past two weeks now I’ve been trotting around Singapore for at least 8 hours a day. It’s gotten so bad that my blisters don’t have time to heal (and my wallet is empty). So yes I guess it’s time to stay home? 🙂


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