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Today was just a roller coaster ride for me. The previous night I ran out of house and stayed out all the way to the next morning before going home and catching some sleep then rushing out to meet CHELSEA SIM JIAMIN (she loves being mentioned so..) for movie and shopping! No pictures because I forgot my camera plus she might crack my screen. (teehee)

She touched my heart the moment I woke up and checked my phone. I woke up later than planned and I knew I was running late, so I texted her to push back the meeting time some more. I would’ve been pissed off if I were her, but alas, she asked me to go back to sleep and she’ll wake me up again. AWW HOW THOUGHTFUL!!! I was seriously damn touched.

When we met up and spent the day together, everything was awesome like duh. But honestly it’s been damn long since I could dress up to meet a friend, especially from school. I normally don’t dare to dress up because I know my friends aren’t the type to specially dress up just for a movie,and I’ll just look weird if I were to wear a dress and everything when my friends were wearing shorts and tee. But for her, it’s different. She was the one who suggested we wear a dress, and she’s probably the only one right now who wears makeup too.

Being a vain pot, I asked her to wear makeup as well because I wanted to test my skills but didn’t want to be the only one. To my surprise she gladly obliged though with complaints. I was so grateful to her! All along I’ve been the one to give in to people’s requests, and it really felt good to have someone give in to me for once..

We might have completely different dressing styles and preferences, but somehow we still can click, and she’s one of the rare few friends in my life who’d actually buy as much as I do when we go out. The worst shopping partner a girl can be would be someone who doesn’t buy anything, doesn’t like anything, and above all, doesn’t have an opinion. I hate it when I go shopping with someone and I ask her if I should get it and the reply is always “if you want/like it..” DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW IRRITATING IT IS? The point of asking you was because I want it but I’m not sure if it will look good on me or if it’s worth it! Ok this blog is for good things.. Zen..

My point is, she’s just an awesome shopping partner who’s not afraid to spend but doesn’t just shop blindly and buy everything she sees on impulse. Though she’s the kind of buyer who buys something just because it looks good, keep it in her wardrobe, decides she doesn’t want it after a while then finds a way to get rid of it, but that only happens when she goes to bugis (thank goodness). And she gives opinions!!!! That’s like the most important trait a good shopping partner should have.

The story of the both of us, if I were to summarise it into a word, would be “TWISTED”. We just keep quarreling and making up then fall out again then reconcile. Twisted. But she still stayed in the end, and I’m super thankful. She’s one of the few people in my life who don’t give a shit about what people think about her, and I really need more of this kind of influence. Of course there are others who also do the same and always provide me with the support I need, but I’ll blog about them next time when I get a picture with them. She’s just this weirdo that I hate yet love at the same time. I hate complimenting her, but I still can’t help but do it when I see something good in her, though it’s super rare.

She might not be the kind of person SOME people would wanna be associated with, and SOME people might not like her at all. But I’m not afraid of the judgment this post will bring, because I wanna share anything that’s good in my life. Like, every single freaking small thing. Other awesome friends will get their turn, but today I spent time with her, so I will post about her. Sue me, bitch.

To end off, I wanna do something that will make you damn touched, CHELSEA SIM.


Thank you my friend!

Think she’s said everything that I need to say, but just to clarify, and after saying this you can judge me all you want. We don’t put makeup for any reason other than we want to learn how to use it for future work functions so we’ll be a step ahead of y’all makeup newbies. Read and internalized it? Good, now you can judge me all you want.

PS: Yes I bawled my eyes out at Imperfect. Why did Li Nanxing have to die? Overall, I thought the story was good (lesson learnt: don’t join gangs) but the way the storyline was plotted out could’ve been better. I mean, more coverage on the daddy&son reunion and not a sudden death, more on how his death impacted the son. 🙂


Anyway in my rather long hiatus thus far life has, as always, been full of drama. But I’ve made certain discoveries about myself.

1. I am super, super stubborn.

2. I can twist almost everything to suit myself. Link it back to point 1 and you’ll realize it’s actually really detrimental.

3. I am more logical than I thought, and there is such a thing such as being balanced.

4. I learnt to be more tactful and mellow.

5. I learnt how to be diplomatic, easygoing, amiable and sincere. 🙂

Anyhoo, tomorrow’s shopping day with Jean! Gonna spend a bomb again but yeah. So until tomorrow, tata!


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