4 | I Will Wait.

As a young girl of 12 in 2008, I fell in love watching Beijing Olympics 2008, Men’s 3m Springboard Champion, with a man called He Chong.

Visiting Beijing later in the year, at the Water Cube, I promised him that in 4 years, I’d watch him wear his dreams on his neck again.
The hype is over. China lost their clean sweep to a Russian, who obviously is like Dmitri Sautin Jr. I don’t like seeing Qin Kai & He Chong not on the gold platform. Even worse, I don’t expect He Chong to be on the bronze platform. Seeing Qin Kai cry and watching He Chong try to muster a courageous smile is too much. It’s devastating, really.
But all in all, I will wait. I will wait a lifetime to see this man reach his dreams. I will wait yet another to see China clinch a clean sweep in diving.
I will wait.


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