1 | Reflective Glass

Judging people does not reflect them, it merely reflects yourself.

First post on WordPress.com after a long long hiatus (was back on my private blogger).

I decided to kickstart this new blog with how irritating it is when people judge. ^_^

This seems to be a problem pretty prevalent in society, people judging without first knowing what the other person went through. I was seriously irked by some impertinent comments made in two separate incidents yesterday.

CASE 1: At Bugis Street, I walked into a crowded handphone store. There were two friends browsing along the shelves (which could only fit one person). I said “Excuse me.” to the friend at the back, and then switched places with her, so now I was squeezed in the middle of these two friends. This happened after 3 hours of non-stop high-speed shopping so I was seriously zonked out and decided not to say excuse me and just browse where I was. Then suddenly, the friend behind me called out to her friend in front of me, saying, ‘Eh, behind you got people.’ The friend in front turned around and squeezed past me, then said, “Walao, don’t know how to open her mouth one.” Now, at this point of time upon hearing that the normal me would have exploded rather crudely but I just decided to shut up. She didn’t know why I was feeling so cranky and tired so it wasn’t fair for her if I ranted, right?

CASE 2: At peak hour, I was the first few into the LRT. As I was stopping only one stop away, I got in, moved to the side near the bar, and let other people squeeze past me. If I had gone in to the mid-section or back of the train, chances are, I’d never be able to get out. So I compressed myself and just tried to let others go past me. Guess what, most people walking in glared at me. I don’t blame them, but it isn’t fair for me either because they didn’t know I was stopping at the next stop! Can you imagine if somebody had stomped me then? :/

So in essence, I realized that sometimes, if we haven’t walked other peoples’ journey, experienced it in their emotions, their circumstances, their character, then we should never judge them. I mean it, we should never judge people. True, judging is only human, but so is polygamy and being barbaric. It was a good lesson well-learnt and thankfully I didn’t have to learn it the hard way! 🙂

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Shots from Bugis + Sleepover! ♥


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